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Girl's Day

Girl’s Day, “‘Expectation’, It truly feels like we’re being acknowledged”

[Written by OSEN=Hwang Mi Hyun journalist goodhmh [at] osen [dot] co [dot] kr]

I thought that they were just a cute and refreshing group, but their sexiness was not to be underestimated. Girl’s Day with their first regular album used see-through, outfits that reveal their waistlines for their sexy comeback. When they lower their suspender belts and show their waves, the male audience’s cheers become immense.

Girl’s Day released their 1st full album ‘Expectation’ on the 14th. It is their first full album since 2 years and 8 months. Devoting their heart and soul to make this album, after reaching 1st place on music charts with their album they grabbed the public’s attention. Above all they surprised the fans with the 180 degree change into a sexy concept.

With the youngest of Girl’s Day, Hyeri, turning 20 years old it
changed the team’s atmosphere. The title song ‘Expectation’, through their choreography, outfits, hairstyle, and makeup they all transformed to look more mature. From their see-through tops and hot pants for Girl’s Day, they showed off their perfect body-lines and voluptuousness from their choreography on the stage.

Recently meeting Girl’s Day, they courteously greeted a Japanese fan that recognized them and entered the cafe. Their appearance off stage was quite different. They greeted me energetically with a refreshing smile, I felt the scent of Spring from them.

“I’m happy ‘Expectation’ is getting good reactions. We’re trying our best to follow the trends. It is our first full album, so I’m glad and feel relieved. I was deeply worried since it was our first attempt at a sexy concept and how people would react. With good responses I think we’re all enjoying this promotion. (Laugh)” – (Sojin)

Girl’s Day mentioned their pressures and expectations from their revealing outfits. It’s their first try at sexiness so I asked what it meant to them.

“Since our bellies are exposed recently we focus a lot on our eating habits. If we eat just a little bit our bellies protrude. Haha. For the sexy concept, both our company and us waited for it. Finally reaching 20 years old, it’s much easier for me to handle this sexy concept.” – (Hyeri)

Because the general response was positive from the public, during the interview their smiles never faded. Also they say they weren’t unfamiliar with sexiness.

“All girls have sexiness hidden inside them. We wore those kinds of outfits here and there so we’re not too unfamiliar with it. Getting these kinds of speedy reactions after releasing our album is amazing. We have a variety of genres within the included songs in the album, so I hope people would try and listen to the other tracks as well.” – (Minah)

“With ‘Expectation’, I think it’s doing better than we realize. Producers and journalists are mentioning that ‘You guys are doing well, congratulations’, it feels like we’re being acknowledged. Recently other artists give us nice comments too.” – (Yura)

The goal for Girl’s Day is 1st place. For Girl’s Day 1st place may seem close, but it is far away. It feels like it’s within their grasp, but it is always tough to reach. They revealed their determination for this promotion.

“1st place on a music program is the goal. We have not reached 1st place before, we want to achieve it even once. To us a ‘1st place’ is valuable but in a hard to reach place. It is that difficult. Achieving 1st place may seem like nothing special, I think it’ll feel great and give us a feeling of acknowledgment. I feel like it’ll be a foothold for us to achieve something even greater in the future. Working hard though this promotion I hope we can hold the 1st place trophy in our hands.” – (Sojin)


Source: osen.mt.co.kr
Translated By: Kimoleon

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