[PIC/TRANS] 130329 Girl’s Day Minah with Kim Min Seok @ Sandfactory

Note: Kim Min Seok is CEO of Sandfactory Vocal Academy and is a good friend to Minah. She stopped by to visit and give him their ‘Expectation’ album. Minah trained at Sandvocal during her trainee days.

Girl's Day Minah
걸스데이 민아..그 애기같던 넘이 이젠 많이컸다..학원생들이 팬이라며 알아보고 사진요청도 한다..힘내라며 열심히 하라며 아이들을 응원한다..우리민아 많이컸다..
가수 방민아♥


Source: Kim Min Seok

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