[TRANS/ARTICLE] 130402 Girl’s Day, sexy concept? ‘Looking with bleary eyes is our point’


The girls have become sexy.

Entering their 4th year of existing as Girl’s Day (Sojin-Minah-Yura-Hyeri) recently released their 1st album ‘Expectation’ and making an impression with the fans. Wearing black see-through outfits, and doing their ‘suspender dance’ and ‘femme fatale dance’ they shook up the ‘feelings of the guys’. After their debut they used cute expressions and vivid performances but they were ‘resolute’ on changing. Putting on red lipstick and creating sexy expressions, they became masterful at it. The public’s reactions are good too. It has been 2 weeks since the album’s release but it’s still in the top places of music charts. We met Girl’s Day who say, “Nothing wrong with girls changing ourselves.”

-Your 1st album responses are hot.

“It’s our 4th year as a group, since it’s our first full album I feel like they’re supporting us even more. The reactions are better than expected so I feel happy. This time there has been more senior artists that asked for our CDs. When your songs are good, you can hear more ‘Hey give me a CD’ kind of reactions.” (Sojin)

-The reviews on your sexy outfits and choreography is good.

“I didn’t know it would be this popular. During our concept selection meetings, we wanted to show ‘sides of charisma and grown up appearances’. We wanted to break away from our cute image and show a new side of us to the fans.” (Yura)

-Especially Minah is popular with her cuteness isn’t she?

“I’m thankful for the support, but I really like sexy concept. My personality is more boyish and easy-going, there was pressure from being cute all the time. I was scared that the fans might not like this concept.” (Minah)

-You say Sojin is 1st and she is ‘the impassable wall of the 4th dimension’ in the team’s sexy ranking.

“Looking with bleary eyes is the key point. But when we come down from the stage we’re far from sexy. If you go around with those eyes normally you become a weird girl.” (Sojin)

-With the sudden change in image the fans might dislike it.

“I think the fans wanted the change as well. I think they accepted it well. Since we did sexy concept this time, I think we can try anything we want now.” (Yura)

-Your sticky suspender choreography is a hit.

“Before the album jacket photoshoot the photographer sent many pictures. There was a picture where the girl had suspenders that left an impression, then the choreographer made the suspender dance right away. Since Jo In Sung sunbaenim was showing his suspender fashion in ‘That Winter, The Wind is Blowing’ so I think we both rode the same wave.” (Sojin)

-You battled with sexiness against Rania.

“They are powerful sexy, and we’re feminine sexy. We give off different vibes so there’s no pressure.” (Hyeri)

-Minah and Gain’s eyelines are the two greats of Korea.

“I think I have a natural ‘cute’ charm. For my lines when I draw them 1-2mm below my eyes, it activates my protective instincts.” (Minah)

-Hyeri’s ‘superhuman strength’ video is getting a lot of attention.

“On broadcasts I put Jung Hyung Don oppa and Defconn oppa on my back. I’m not super strong, but my legs are strong. I sometimes give the unnis rides on my shoulders. Recently they’re asking me to give them airplane* rides too. They sometimes refer to me as Dad. During my school days I was in the track club so my legs are tough.” (Hyeri).

(T/N: Lift them up with her feet.)


-Recently there are so many rumors of idols dating someone. If you had one who would it be with?

“I like Hyunbin sunbaenim. His voice and his eyes are dashing.” (Hyeri)

“Wonbin sunbaenim.  He was dreamy in ‘Ahjussi’.” (Minah)

“Lee Seung Gi sunbaenim. I’ve liked him for a long time. He’s a great singer and actor. His smiling appearance looks good natured.” (Yura)

“I always remember to watch the ‘That Winter, The Wind is Blowing’ episodes. When I look at Jo In Sung sunbaenim my heart flutters. I sometimes wish I was Song Hye Gyo. (female lead)” (Sojin)

-I hear you’re popular in Japan as well.

“We never officially debuted in Japan. We did a few concerts but there were so many fans it surprised us. When we arrived at the airport there was around 60 fans to greet us, that gave us a pleasant surprise.” (Minah)

-A memorable Japanese fan?

“There was a middle-aged male fan that rode a wheelchair. Not just the concerts but he came to our regional promotions too.” (Yura)

“My nickname is ‘Bbang (Bread) Minah’, there was a middle aged male fan that made and wore a necklace out of bread with my name written on it.” (Minah)

“In Japan it’s normal for girl group fans to be mostly females but 90% of our fans are males there.” (Sojin)

-If you could draw a graph of your progress.

“I feel like we’ve been improving steadily. We haven’t gotten a 1st place yet. But if we already achieved a 1st place I don’t think we could’ve grown at a steady pace. As a 4th year group, if we get a 1st place I think our happiness and joy will be multiplied 100 fold.” (Sojin)

[Written by Um Dong Jin Journalist – kjseven7 [at] joongang [dot] co [dot] kr]


Source: isplus
Translation By: Kimoleon

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