[NEWS] 130402 Star N News Interview: Our sexiness is only the tip of the iceberg, Girl’s Day Comes ‘A to Z’

Girl's Day

Even just from the group name, the girls who have been cute Girl’s Day (Sojin, Yura, Minah, Hyeri) surprised everybody and came back with a bold appearance.

Attempting their first sexy concept ever in their first album ‘Expectation’ and their title song ‘Expectation’, Girl’s Day as soon as they released it they reached 1st on numerous online charts, reached 1st place contenders on Inkigayo and 3rd on ‘Music Bank’, they are reaping their fruits of labor and seizing their opportunity.

Through this album, they are not only focusing on their concept but they became more mature musically and they promise they will keep on growing in future albums to come.

◇Bold sexy concept, ‘Maybe difficult or enjoyable’.

The biggest characteristic that stands out is through their title song ‘Expectation’ they are using the sexy concept for the first time ever as a group.

Especially their last promoted song ‘Don’t Forget Me’ they showed a slightly mature appearance, but since their debut ‘Tilt My Head’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Hug Me Once’ their image prominently portrayed as ‘cute’ watching their drastic change in their comeback caused fans to be nervous and concerned.

However for Girl’s Day when they entered their ‘Expectation’ promotion they ranked high on online charts and battled for 1st on music programs, even 3 weeks after it’s release they’re maintaining a high place on the charts dispelling any concerns the fans had before.

Continuing on with their successful transformation, Girl’s Day says “We tried to change it up, and we’re thankful for all the love and support we’re receiving. A lot of fans came to our stages, sang along, and even imitating the dance. There were many fans who wore suspenders at the fansign, and even some guys who wore similar outfits to stage ones and performed ‘Expectation’.” Showing their gratitude for the fans.

To this Sojin adds, “I don’t know the exact numbers but I hear the CDs are selling fast. Even my mother at our hometown says she bought the last CD at the store, and says she’s happy the response is good.”

Furthermore for the member that can represent a prime example of a sexy singer, Sojin mentions, “I might not know fully about being sexy but I watch videos that make you think and be reminded of it. Rather than cute concept, I am more comfortable with a sexy one” and showed her satisfaction with this change.

On the flipside for Minah, “It differs from person to person. Since I’m still young being sexy is harder and I’m more comfortable with a cute concept.”

Finishing it off, the one who represents the cute concept the most in Girl’s Day, the youngest Hyeri says, “They’re both hard.” With a short and honest answer it made everyone laugh.

◇Long time coming preparing with care, the full album ‘Sexiness is the tip of the iceberg’.

Girl’s Day’s album ‘Expectation’ is not only an attempt to transform their image but also since their debut it is their first full album.

Sojin states, “It took a long time for our 1st album to come out, and we waited a long time for it. With more songs included in the album we worked even harder. Wanting to do our best as much as we prepared for it, we also participated in its production.”

Minus the MR tracks, it contains 12 different songs in ‘Expectation’ and like Sojin mentioned each track is filled with quality.

The number 1 track, the album’s intro ‘Girl’s Day World’ Sojin participated in writing/producing it. With a thick base and repeating electronic sound and including each members almost rugged rap, it showcased close to classic hip hop groove as well.

Not just ‘Girl’s Day World’ the song that the Girl’s Day members favored the most ‘I Don’t Mind’ is also their first song in the R&B genre which shows their emotion-invoking vocals and a slow tempo that brought out another charm of Girl’s Day.

About the song Minah explains, “It is our first R&B type of song we included in our official albums, I love it. It’s a song that’s comfortable and relaxing to listen to.”

Besides the songs mentioned previously, with their ‘Expectation’ album release showing good response in their comeback stages, ‘Don’t Trust Her’, pre-released song ‘White Day’, additive hook song ‘Easy Go’, and able to feel Girl’s Day’s original cuteness with a cheerful atmosphere ‘Oh Great’, they showed a variety of styles. Also including their past hit songs ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Hug Me Once’, ‘Don’t Let Your Eyes Wonder’ this album displayed the ‘A to Z’s’ of Girl’s Day since their debut.

Sojin continues, “Listening to the guide songs before choosing which ones to include there were many songs that were tempting. In our next album we’ll have even more diverse songs” showing her artistic desire.

◇As a girl group senior Girl’s Day, “We have made it this far”.

Approaching their 3rd anniversary for Girl’s Day, before they knew it during music shows they gained more juniors than seniors and entered a middle-grade rank as a girl group.

Minah says, “Sometimes I think ‘wow we’ve come this far’. When we were complete rookies and we saw senior artists, I believe we’re walking on the same path other artists have been on before us” about their promotions until now.

Girl’s Day also judged themselves on their promotion of ‘Expectation’ a score of 70-80 points. They said, “We think this is another good promotion for Girl’s Day. Also we believe through this album we showed that we grew a bit more and our progress as artists.”

They concluded the interview showing their aspirations to do more solo related promoting, they included “music programs, radio, variety, acting, etc. planning for the future, we’ll become a more hard-working Girl’s Day” showing their unchanging determined attitude once more.

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Translated By: Kimoleon

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