[TRANS/ARTICLE]130402 Girl’s Day’s diary entry, “If we get 1st place… we might faint.”


“Sexy suspender performance… we’re adults now. We would like to have our solo concert fast and grow further as artists.

Meeting springtime for the 3rd time since their debut, Girl’s Day (Sojin Yura Minah Hyeri) within 2 years and 8 months they released their first full album ‘Expectation’. With their title song ‘Expectation’ they even rose up to 1st place contenders on a music program. [Inkigayo] Since their debut they have reached their highest point, have some leisure to look back at their progress, and also gained confidence to aim for even bigger goals. Recently I met Girl’s Day and they didn’t have any makeup on and came out with just padded jackets. It was obvious that they looked fatigued but what started off with was, “Today’s weather was fair”. On April 2nd 2013, we tried writing a diary entry for Girl’s Day.

“We will never forget the last week of March. We were nominated as 1st place contenders two shows in a row. It feels surreal. How can I describe this feeling? Feeling exhilarated just being nominated. If we get 1st place we might even faint.” – (Minah)

“We could be the first group where everyone faints on live TV.” – (Hyeri)

“Our song ‘Expectation’, looking back on it now we were on pins and needles. It was to commemorate all of us becoming ‘adults’, and we thought it was about time to try another genre of music… we thought it could be too sudden of a change so back when we prepared we didn’t feel confident. We couldn’t even imagine doing our ‘suspender dance performance’! – (Sojin)

“We can promote confidently like we do now because of our fans. During ‘Don’t Forget Me’ the fans mentioned that we gave off, ‘scents of a woman’. While we focused on a cute image the fans realized our purpose with ‘Don’t Forget Me’. If they didn’t realize our intent, they probably could not have identified with ‘Expectation’.” – (Yura)

“We’re always thankful to the fans. On the topic, we don’t even have an official fanclub. It would be nice if we can find one and feel more closer with the fans…” – (Hyeri)

“We’re happy we can repay the fans’ devotions with our 1st album. We changed up our concept and we participated in its production also.” – (Minah)

“There’s a behind story to our ‘Intro’ song. Truthfully it was the last song produced. Since it’s supposed to be the first impression of the album it felt unconventional. Sojin-unni produced it so it felt more special. I bet most of our fans predicted a fluttery sounding intro. They probably didn’t expect this Hip Hop with a strong melodic line. – (Yura)

“It was a song to portray how much potential Girl’s Day has and how much we have left to show everyone, I wonder if the fans understood our intentions?” – (Hyeri)

“All the members wrote the lyrics for ‘I Don’t Mind’ and it is our first attempt in the R&B genre, I think we can pull this song off excellently at our concert. I hope the day comes soon.” – (Minah)

“When that day comes, won’t many fans recognize Girl’s Day? Also I trust that in the future people will recognize us as artists more than just idol singers. During our early days we had these kinds of stereotypes on us, ‘Girl’s Day thinks lightly of their music’. We thought it was our task to break that stereotype and I think our album became the stepping stones to do that.” – (Sojin)

“Reaching where we are now took a little over 3 years. It wasn’t a short time and when they called our name nominated for 1st place, all my memories flashed past me like a kaleidoscope. It feels like we’re finally reaping the fruits of our labor. I want to give ourselves a commendation that says, ‘Yeah.. we’ve come this far'” – (Minah)

“In our early days, I had immature thoughts thinking if I don’t like singing this song that I would try to avoid it. But now it’s different. I make a resolution that ‘it’ll get better in time’. Rather than my thoughts, the general public’s judgment is correct. You don’t know unless you open the lid.” – (Sojin)

“That’s why I sometimes bottle these words inside, ‘fight through it!’ which is the less stressful method. If I try to make a fuss about everything I only get a headache and nothing works out. You just have to go with it. Trust in me, trust in Girl’s Day, and trusting in the fans. I’m doing my best to always think on the positive side. Because this isn’t the end of Girl’s Day.” – (Sojin)

[T/N: The article doesn’t specify which member said the last line. Although these kinds of words I do expect from Sojin noona and it seems to flow from the last one.]

[Written by Kang Min Jung Journalist / eldol [at] sphk [dot] co [dot] kr]


Source: hankooki
Translated By: Leade_Kimmo

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  1. “we don’t even have an official fanclub”, but… isn’t this site an official fanclub ? If I remember correctly it’s been recognized by Girl’s Day and their manager.
  2. “DAI5Y” is their official fanclub name and the official fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/Girlsday5/ Yes Girl’s Day Daily fansite is recognized by the girls but we are DAI5Y and members in the fancafe. I’m not 100% sure but perhaps Hyeri means there’s “no official fanclub” yet because some Korean group fanclubs have official fan membership with cards. (Where an annual fee is paid to be an official member which gives priority of attending concerts, events, and other exclusive benefits.)

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