[TRANS/FULL] 130408 – Naver Musicians’ Choice – Girl’s Day

Under the name, ‘Reversal ending’ the ‘ladies’ seeking change and progress.

Ban-Jeon (反轉). ‘The situational will be reversed’ meaning this word, signifying ‘opposite of one’s predictions’ a word one can commonly find on the internet. ‘Ban-jeon backside’, ‘Ban-jeon outfits’ this word can attach itself to many terms and create new coined phrases. For the female group Girl’s Day, they have a keyword 반전돌 [Surprise-dol]. When they released their song ‘Tilt My Head’, they tried singing and dancing at the same time and on their live stages they got criticized for their shaky notes. However with their next singles ‘How Do I Look’ and ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ they executed clean high notes, ad libs, and showing ‘surprise-charms’ with their excellent singing skills. Through these nicknames, the word ‘Ban-jeon’ and Idol’s ‘dol’ watch put together and Girl’s Day began being labelled ‘Banjeon-dol’. Afterwards with the songs ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Hug Me Once’ showing the cute and pure charms they continued their image of ‘Surprise-dol’. Their first album released in March [Expectation] they took off their girlish guise and they surprised us once again with their mature and sexy charms. Girl’s Day members accepted the word ‘Ban-jeon’ as ‘Curiosity and expectation, growth and progress’, and used it as their motto.

“We worked very hard, not enough to be overconfident but we definitely didn’t backtrack. Every time we released songs we showed steady progress. We think the public is satisfied with our gradual growth as well. Trusting in their faith of our potential, we’ll surprise them again.”

‘Ban-jeon’ in Sino-Korean character roots literally from ‘oppositely rolls’. To ‘roll oppositely’ you need energy. For Girl’s Day to change and grow, they need energy as well. Girl’s Day introduced music that was energy to them at [Musician’s Choice].

Sojin’s first album pick: Melanie Fiona’s [The Bridge]
‘It Kills Me’ – Melanie Fiona.

“The song ‘Can’t Say I Never Love You’ caught my ears and I had to look for all of Melanie Fiona’s songs. While searching I saw a Youtube video of one of her lives of the song ‘It Kills Me’ and I just became engrossed. Nowadays through the internet and social networks there are a variety of ways to find artists’ music, I’m so thankful for it. When I listen to songs if I like the melody and the singer’s voice it pulls me in more to the song, also this song is passive, appealing and I enjoyed the groove which made me excited listening to it. It’s a song I want to try singing with a guitar someday. Imagining about that day, right now I’ll do my best in Girl’s Day.

Sojin’s second album pick. India Arie’s [3rd album Testimony: Vol.1, Life & Relationship]
‘Private Party’ – India Arie.

“I enjoy Soul music, and amongst them, India Arie is around the top of my list. India Arie won the R&B album award and the Alternative category in 2003 at the 45th Grammy Awards. For me who would like to sing great songs, her song ‘Private Party’ is a stimulant that drives me. Within the happiest parts of my life, a part of it is listening to good music. When I’m listening to this song I am in a state of happiness. The middle-low notes are spread out, deep, and accentuating while riding the rhythm is something I want to emulate from her! She is in my list of artists I want to take after. Later when I have a chance to make a solo album, I want to do this kind of music. Please listen to my music in the future too.”

Yura’s third album pick. The Cardigan’s [3rd Album First Band On The Moon]
‘Lovefool’ – The Cardigans.

“I really liked this song and had it as my phone *coloring 2 years ago (*a song that plays during your dialing). While listening to this song I feel cheered up and lovely. It gives me healing for my body and soul, and I feel energized after listening to it. You can say… feeling like I’m in love? If you imagine a guy that only loves you and yourself in love with him is the fastest way to understand this song. I don’t have someone to love right now, hopefully he’ll show up someday. It’s warm lately and many flowers are blooming this Spring, if you listen to ‘Lovefool’ when you’re out on a stroll with your lover, you’ll feel happy.

Minah’s fourth pick.  Lee Moon Sae’s [Re.Leemoonsae]
‘난 아직 모르잖아요’ – 이문세 / ‘I Don’t Know Yet’ – Lee Moon Sae

[T/N – Sunbaenim = respectful way to address a senior in your field/work]

“For Lee Moon Sae sunbaenim that continues the generation of music, I am one of his fans. The first time I heard ‘I Don’t Know Yet’ is because my mother loved Lee Moon Sae so much and I was like ‘How impressive can he be…’ and then I found his songs. When I started listening, it felt like I discovered a gold mine. In sunbaenim’s released albums, they’re all filled with gems. When I listen to the songs I feel pure, innocent, and many feminine emotions. When I’m struggling and worn out I listen to Lee Moon Sae sunbaenim’s songs. The original ‘I Don’t Know Yet’ is good, and within the album [Re.Leemoonsae] it has a jazz style arrangement that is really enjoyable. Maybe you’ll think of someone you yearn for while you’re listening to it.”

Hyeri’s fifth pick.  Eric Benet’s [The One]
‘Harriet Jones’ – Eric Benet [The One]

“I enjoy listening to R&B, and amongst them I really like Eric Benet’s songs. This song is the title song of his most recent album. With a slightly fast beat type R&B music, a strong soulful feel, and his sexy voice combined is what I’m enjoying nowadays. As I listen to it, I calm down, sway slightly back and forth, and become cheerful and happy. If you give this a listen you’ll be absorbed in this song’s groove. It’s a romantic track so I think girls would especially enjoy this.”


Source: music.naver.com
Translated By:  @Leade_Kimmo

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