[TRANS/ARTICLE] 130411 As a junior girl group, Girl’s Day’s Sojin complimented Ladies’ Code


For Girl’s Day they came back with their first album ‘Expectation’ and with their transition from cute to sexy, they even reached being nominated 1st on music programs and are currently gathering lots of popularity.

Recently in an interview with us TVDaily, we asked Girl’s Day Sojin, “is there another girl group that gets your attention lately?” and she replied, “Ladies’ Code.”

She adds, “Among the rookie groups Ladies’ Code really catches my eye. Especially their main vocal Lee So Jung, she’s a great singer and her voice is unique and charming.”

Girl’s Day’s Sojin who writes and composes songs says, “If I could give a song to one of my juniors, I would give one to Ladies’ Code. If it’s Lee So Jung’s voice, I think she can give off a sophisticated feel in any genre. Even if I can’t make good songs, I think she’ll pull it off well.” While having a small laugh.

On a related note Girl’s Day is actively promoting their homonym title song ‘Expectation’.

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Source: tvdaily
Translated By:  Leade_Kimmo

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