[PICS] 130515 Girl’s Day for BHC Chicken

Girl’s Day’s official schedule was updated earlier this week with a CF filming, then on the day of filming it was updated as a filming for BHC (Big Hit Chicken). BHC Chicken also updated their Facebook with a teaser photo showing only their silhouette. In the past, Girl’s Day expressed their desire for this type of endorsement and they have now achieved it! Let’s look forward to the CF release and other activities they will have with BHC.

Girl's Day

Girl's Day
짜잔-!! BHC 새 모델 걸스데이입니다!
많은 분들의 함성이 여기저기 들려오는데요~
잠시 후엔 여러분들이 궁금해하실 CF 촬영현장 모습도 살~짝 공개해드릴테니 좋아요 먼저 꾸~욱 누르고 기대해주세요!


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