[VID/TRANS] 130521 Girl’s Day Sojin Sends a Message to Fans + Twitter Update

Sojin sends a video message thanking fans for their birthday wishes.


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멀리 진주까지 응원와준 울 팬들 오늘도 감사해요~♥ 생일을 차에서만 보냈는데, 현수막보니 아! 오늘 생일이구나! 감동했어요ㅜ* 축하해주신 많은 분들 감사하구!!! 사랑해요*~~ 여러분 소원대로 만수무강하는 소진 되겠음! 이상~~~^^!!
Translation: Thanks to our fans who came far out to Jinju today~♥ I saw the birthday car and banner! Today really is my birthday! I was touched ㅜ* Thanks to the many people who wished me happy birthday!!! I love you*~~ As you all have wished, Sojin will live a long time~~~^^!!

감동이구 감사해요♥
Translation: I’m touched, thank you ♥


Source: Sojin’s Twitter
Translated By: JW@girlsdaytrans

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