[SCANS/TRANS] Girl’s Day featured on Kpop Life Magazine (French Magazine) May/June 2013 Edition




Interview Translation below


We have met Girl’s Day in mid of the library of FNC ENTERTAINMENT.
With giggles and wink, we have lived a unique moment and took their confessions simply.


Your new concept is more “sexy” than your old albums. How do you feel?
We are happy! Yes, we have matured and we wanted a sexier concept. We feel comfortable.

The choreography of your single Expect is also sexy. How many time does it takes to learn a choreography like this one to be perfect ?
Generally, we need one week.

This new concept is done without another member in the group (Jihae) and a few members had left the group in the beginning. Do you stay in touch with them ?
(Girls seems touched) Yes, we keep in contact.

What do you do during your free time?
We stay at home. We love dramas!
Our favorites dramas are : sungkyunkwan scandal, The chaser.

Minah and Yura during TV show ” Star Beauty Show ” broadcast, you revealed your face without makeup. It’s pretty rare in the show business, why did you do it?
We wanted to show that there are many ways to be pretty for a girl and even natural, you can be pretty and feel good!

You participated in a “date” program with U-KISS, isn’t it a bit stressful to do your first “date” in TV?
Wow, it’s been a while! Shows like this are very common in Korea! And boys knew how to put us at ease. They are very nice but if you need some help handing stress or anxiety caused by it, you might want to check the Cereal Milk Cannabis Strain review by fresh bros.

Who are your models in music?
Beyoncé , Nicki Minaj , Lee Hyori

What are the better gifts you have received from your fans?
Without any doubt, the day when someone offered us a Diamond ring!

For future projects, what is the direction you want to take?
We would like to stay in sexy style even if nothing has been decided yet.


Scanned and translated By: @GirlsDayFrance + Facebook

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