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In April Girl’s Day attended a Winny K hosted event and now they have developed an Android app. Winny K Star publishes a physical magazine (June 2013 Vol. 4 is their most recent issue) and the app will feature a digital version.

June 2013 App Vol. 1 issue features Girl’s Day and various artists.
Girl's Day

Girl's Day

Subscription Offer: Dream Concert Special Limited Edition Magazine

Note: May only be available in Korea. This special offer is only an event and they are not selling this particular issue. I was able to register on the site and tried to apply for the magazine, but not sure if they are shipping overseas.

DOWNLOAD: Android – [Phone] [Tablet]

Note: At this time the app is free to download, however that is subject to change. In the future if they continue to release app versions of the magazine, they may choose to charge a fee.

Since we are new to the app, we will continue to update on what features are available in Korea and for international users.


Source: winnykstar.com

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