[PIC/TRANS] 130627 Mnet Superstar K Twitter Update

[슈퍼스타K5 서울예선 D-2] 슈퍼스타K5 ARS “오늘” 지원마감. 여자대통령으로 돌아온 걸스데이도 슈퍼스타K5를 응원합니다. 여러분 서둘러 주세요. 12시 땡~치기 전에 어서. 1600-0199
Translation: [Superstar K5 Seoul preliminaries D-2] The application deadline for Superstar K5 ARS is “today”. Girl’s Day has come back with “Female President” and they’re cheering for Superstar K5 too. Everyone, please hurry. Quickly, before the clock strikes midnight. ☎1600-0199

Text written on sign: Our new song is called “Female President”; will there be a “female winner” for Superstar K5 too? ♪Come On Come On oh-oh-oh♪ The ARS application deadline is “today”. ☎1600-0199


Source: Mnet Superstar K Twitter
Translated By: Shirina

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