[ANNOUNCEMENT] 130708 Girl’s Day Wins #1 on SBS Inkigayo!

Girl’s Day’s thoughts on their Inkigayo #1: “There are unfortunate circumstances too…”

Girl's Day

Girl group Girl’s Day has won their first #1 since debut.

On the privately-held July 7th episode of Inkigayo, Girl’s Day beat out Sistar and Lee Seungchul to win first place with their new song “Female President”.

Their digital music points, SNS points, and viewer voting points added up to a total of 8887 points. Inkigayo was cancelled due to the Asiana airplane landing accident, so real-time voting points were unable to be tallied, but even with putting in 0 points for that statistic, Girl’s Day surpassed Sistar and Lee Seungchul to seal their first place victory.

Prior to this, Girl’s Day gained popularity with songs such as “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Expectation”, but sadly, they were unable to reach #1. On the July 6th episode of MBC’s Show! Music Core, they were a contender for first place with the song “Female President”, but Roy Kim’s “Love Love Love” ended up winning and Girl’s Day were unfortunately relegated to second place. Therefore, they won their first #1 since debuting in 2010 through this week’s Inkigayo.

In a July 8th phone call, Inkigayo PD Kim Yongkwon told mydaily: “The members of Girl’s Day were very happy to hear the news that they had won first place. We will deliver their trophy to them at a later date.”

He also let us know what happened behind the scenes: “The members might have been disappointed that they won #1 on a cancelled episode, but they showed a considerate side and commented, “There are unfortunate circumstances too, so we can’t just smile and receive the award.” I thought that their view on the situation was deep and belied their young ages.”

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Inkigayo rankings for the first week of July. As you can see in the chart below, Girl’s Day were #1 even without the real-time voting points!

Girl's Day

This marks Girl’s Day’s first win on a music show since their debut on July 9, 2010! During ‘Expectation’ promotions they placed third on Inkigayo and on Music Core this week they placed second.

Girl’s Day’s history from debut until now is very inspiring. Their debut was not received well by critics and the media, however they did not shrink back. They worked harder and practiced more and with each comeback they grew and sharpened their skills. Gradually the public took notice of them, commenting on their growth and ability. Each promotion until now has been a balance of ups and downs, receiving criticism and praise, but they never gave up and always gave their best. Girl’s Day has always been #1 in our hearts for their talent, passion and fighting spirit, and today they have been recognized by Inkigayo!

Today is a proud day for Girl’s Day and all DAI5Y around the world! It has been a joy to be by their side cheering them on these last three years. Tomorrow is their 3rd Anniversary and reaching this milestone makes this anniversary especially meaningful for Girl’s Day and DAI5Y. Our DAI5Y family has grown through the years and every day DAI5Y shows their love and support. The dear fans who attend their events week after week to the fans who cheer on from miles away have been a great strength to Girl’s Day. Whether you have been a fan since Day 1, Day 1000 or now, let’s continue to show our love and support to our lovely girls Sojin, Yura, Minah and Hyeri!


Source: mydaily.co.kr + starin.edaily.co.kr via naver | gayo.sbs.co.kr
Translated By: Shirina
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4 thoughts on “[ANNOUNCEMENT] 130708 Girl’s Day Wins #1 on SBS Inkigayo!

  1. So happy for them when I first saw the news spreading on twitter
    The rightfully deserved and long overdue #1 has finally arrived~
    Definitely came at the right time, no better 3 year anniversary present than the 1st win


  2. It’s about time. Definitely the perfect gift for their anniversary. It happens that I was re-watching the old KiraKira Slim episodes last weekend. It was kinda fun seeing the girls back in the beginning of their careers talking about the dreams they had of becoming #1 someday. I guess this proves dreams can come true.
  3. It’s about time that Girl’s Day receive an award for all of their hard work! It’s been 3 long years, I am sure they’ve done more than enough. I love our girls and I am one proud Dai5y! AJA Fighting Girl’s Day!

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