[Project #013] Girl’s Day’s 1st Win Celebration Support – Dreame Rice Wreath

The rice wreath was delivered to Dream Tea yesterday afternoon and Dreame updated these photos on their naver blog.

On August 1st, Jevice’s Hana tweeted this picture, in the background you can see the rice wreath is still being displayed at the Dream Tea office.

Girl's Day

We want to thank everyone who supported Girl’s Day’s 1st Win Project by promoting it and by your generous donations. The support for this has been overwhelming and with your help we surpassed the initial goal in only a few days! Last night we ordered the Dreame rice wreath and it will be delivered on Monday, July 15th. (Dream Tea office is closed on Sunday, so it will be delivered the day after Girl’s Day receive their award on Inkigayo.)

Total Raised: $683.21 USD
Total Cost: $668.00 USD
(Remaining funds will be put towards the next support project.)
Total Rice Donated: 230kg (Approx. 507lbs)

The Dreame rice wreath we chose is a charming yet modest display and will have two ribbons with a cheer message. (Left Ribbon: Congratulations on 1st Place Win! 걸스데이 화이팅! Right Ribbon: Love, Girl’s Day Daily) The photo card below will be displayed with the rice wreath along with a sign that says 230kg of rice to be donated in Girl’s Day’s name.

Girl's Day
Design By: priZ.

Once again we want to express our thanks to everyone for making this honor donation a success! Together this gift was made possible. The rice wreath will say “Love, Girl’s Day Daily”, this is a gift not from a few but from all DAI5Y around the world who support Girl’s Day. As Girl’s Day continues to gain recognition, their influence will continue to grow and in this way we wanted others to feel the positive impact of their hard work. Let’s continue to support Girl’s Day, cheering them on every day.

Step-by-step process of the donation:


Thank you,
The GDD Team

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