[TRANS] 130725 Reckless Family 3 Cast – Girl’s Day Yura

Girl's Day Yura

Character Description:
Park Yura (Yura of Girl’s Day) – Youngest daughter
Note: In the Reckless Family 3 sitcom Yura will also be her character’s name, the other actors will use their real names as well.

The representative cutie of the house. A cheerful and adorable girl in her 20s! A 4D girl who has to be satisfied with everything that she tries to do. She is just as beautiful as her older sister Clara, yet Yura is always jealous of her.

Story Synopsis:
Yura’s family lives on the first floor of a multiplex housing unit that her family owns. Lee Hyunjae is one of the tenants who lives on the second floor with two other guys. Yura and her older sister on the show, Clara, become entangled in a complicated ‘war of love’ with Hyunjae and another one of the guys that he lives with, Kang Chulwoong.


Source: mbc_every1
Translated By: Shirina

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