[TRANS/ARTICLE] 130731 Girl’s Day Minah Chosen to be the MC of Inkigayo

Girl's Day Minah

IU steps down as an MC of “Inkigayo”, Minah of Girl’s Day is chosen as her successor

Minah, member of the girl group Girl’s Day, has been chosen to succeed IU as an MC of SBS’ “Inkigayo”.

A representative of SBS told AJUnews on the 31st: “Minah has been selected to fill IU’s recently vacated position as an MC of “Inkigayo”. Minah is very popular these days and she was the perfect choice to be IU’s replacement.”

A high-ranking official at Dream Tea Entertainment, Girl’s Day’s agency, confirmed the news: “It is true that Minah has been chosen to be an MC of “Inkigayo”. Please give her a lot of love going forward.”

IU held her position at “Inkigayo” for 107 weeks and her last episode as an MC was broadcast on the 28th. At that time, she stated: “The most memorable experience to me is when I made the mistake of referring to “Inkigayo” as “MCgayo”.”

IU and Minah are the same age, with both of them being born in 1993.

Note: Minah will be joining Lee Hyun Woo and ZE:A’s Kwanghee.


Source: ajunews.com
Translated By: Shirina

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