[PIC/TRANS] 130820 Girl’s Day Yura Filming for Reckless Family 3

Girl's Day Yura
유라는 얼굴만 예쁜게 아니라 맘도 예뻐. 야외 촬영 후, 모기에 왕창 헌혈 당한(?) 왕카메라감독님께 모기약 발라주는. 맘이 따뜻해지는 순간이네요~ 암튼 4회 본방사수 합시다!!!
Translation: It isn’t just Yura’s face that is beautiful, but her heart as well. The cameraman got a lot of mosquito bites during an outdoor shoot, and afterward, Yura applied medicine to them. It was a heartwarming moment~ Please tune in for episode 4!!!


Source: yesj0704
Translated By: Shirina

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