[CLOSED] Minah 2014 Fanmade Calendar by Sparkling, Collation of Orders for US and Singapore

Minah’s fansite Sparkling is producing a fanmade calendar for 2014 and the GDD team will be helping to collate orders for the US and Singapore to make it cheaper for everyone by splitting the international shipping fees.

It will be produced according to the number of orders so be sure to place your orders if you want one.



It will include the following:
1.product – season greeting calender / 230mm x 150mm / 26page / FULL COLOR
2.bonus – 4 kinds of photocard (namecard size), 2 kinds of photocard (postcard size)

Update: Sparkling will be giving an additional A4-sized mini poster if you place your order by the 31st October.


Price: USD$18 (Calendar only, not inclusive of shipping)
Refer Here for international shipping fees.
Local delivery will be additional on top of international shipping, please make arrangements with the respective staff for the country you’re in.

More details here: Like An Angel


Who to contact:
For orders in Singapore, send a mention on twitter to Seany
For orders in the US, send a mention on twitter to Albert or email him at twricerocket [at] gmail [dot] com
Notice: Albert will be finalizing purchase requests on Wednesday, October 23 and will contact you with final price
-USA items will be shipped out of Pacific Palisades, CA by the most cost-effective method (usually USPS Priority Box or Envelope) unless otherwise specified (e.g., you would like express delivery)
-Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Remember to specify how many calendars you would like. The Paypal address is warpshadez [at] aol [dot] com
-Please email the following information to Albert (required by USPS):
–Full name
–Address (city, state, zip code, apartment #)
–Phone number or email address if you would like (USPS may use it in case of a problem)

Also, feel free to direct any questions to us, such as special arrangements regarding payment and local delivery or collection.


You will be required to place a deposit(price of the calendar) when you place the order and the balance(shipping) when the total number of orders are collated.

Your order will only be confirmed once full payment has been received.


10 thoughts on “[CLOSED] Minah 2014 Fanmade Calendar by Sparkling, Collation of Orders for US and Singapore

  1. for europe it might be cheaper to order direct from sparkling, cause if we ship from us or sg its still intercontinental shipping. or u can look for daisies living in europe to purchase together
  2. I wanna purchase it too and I live in Europe. Where should I go? Maybe we all europeans could purchase it together so we pay less but I don’ know since we live in different countries…
  3. I’m guessing “People who sent money to account for up to 31 to 16, will get A4 size mini poster
    Also available to overseas fans.” refers to the ordering by the 31st of October? Since I don’t really understand the way it has been put into words xP
  4. I’m so sorry for having to ask something again, how do I order the calendar for myself? As far as I can see, I should make a deposit to the bank account given on the website, fill the deposit form and post it on the website, am I correct? Or are there other things I’m supposed to do?
  5. @nMinhBang First contact Sparkling (Twitter: @19930513_com). You will need to give Sparkling your address and contact info. Sparkling will let you know how to process payment. If you don’t have Twitter, let us know and we will help you get in contact.

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