[NEWS/TRANS] 131015 Girl’s Day Releases “Let’s GO” For Samsung’s Passionate Youth Campaign

걸스데이(소진 유라 민아 혜리)이 ‘열정樂서’ 캠페인송 ‘렛츠고’의 음원수익 전액이 기부할 예정이다.

소속사 드림티엔터테인먼트는 15일 “걸스데이가 삼성그룹의 대학생 대상 소통 프로그램인 ‘열정樂서’와 콜라보레이션을 통해 청년들에게 위로와 용기를 전하고자 신곡 ‘렛츠고’(Let’s GO)’를 발표한다”고 전했다.

‘렛츠 고’는 이 시대의 청춘들을 응원하는 ‘열정樂서’의 주제가 격인 곡으로 불확실한 미래에 대해 고민하는 모든 젊은이들에게 좌절하지 말고 자신 있게 도전하라는 응원의 메시지를 담은 모든 청춘들에 대한 응원가다.

특히 경쾌한 리듬이 반복되는 ‘렛츠 고’라는 후렴구의 가사가 인상적이며 걸스데이 리더인 소진이 직접 작사, 작곡에 참여했다.

소진은 “지난 5월, ‘열정樂서’ 무대에 게스트로 초대되었을 때 강연장을 가득 메운 관중들의 열정에 감동 받았었다”며 “이번에 좋은 기회가 되어 걸스데이가 걸그룹 대표로 대학생들에게 꿈과 용기를 심어줄 수 있는 노래 제작까지 참여하게 돼 영광이다”고 말했다.

한편, ‘렛츠 고’ 음원 수익금은 전액 기부될 예정이며 걸스데이 멤버들의 발랄하고 힘찬 모습이 담긴 뮤직비디오는 ‘열정樂서’ 시즌5 현장에서도 볼 수 있다.

Girl’s Day Passionate Youth campaign song “Let’s GO”, revenue to be donated.

Dream T representative said, “In collaboration with Samsung Group’s Passionate Youth campaign which aims to communicate with university students, Girl’s Day has released “Let’s GO” to bring comfort and courage to the youth.”

In particular, with the cheerful rhythm and repetitive “Let’s go”, the chorus was impressive. Girl’s Day leader Sojin participated in the composition of the song personally.

Sojin said, “In May I was invited to a Passionate Youth performance as a guest and was moved by the passion of the crowd. This time, it is an honor for Girl’s Day to be able to represent the girl groups and produce a song to instill dreams and courage in university students.”

Proceeds from the song will be fully donated and the music video containing the energetic appearance of the girls can be seen at the scene of Passionate Youth Season 5.


Source: 걸스데이, ‘열정樂서’ 캠페인송 ‘렛츠 고’ 발표-음원수익 전액 기부
Translated By: Seany

7 thoughts on “[NEWS/TRANS] 131015 Girl’s Day Releases “Let’s GO” For Samsung’s Passionate Youth Campaign

  1. Once again, sojin has showed us her talents in composing and lyrics!
    DreamTea really should have let her participate more in their songs creation.
    Really hoping that sojin will be the one debuting solo AND with her own creation. That will be so AWESOME!
  2. I found this song to be a great pick-me-up regardless of age. I watched the video after a long and exhausting day, and it gave me a boost of energy that was much more satisfying than a cup of coffee. Maybe I’ll set the song as my wake-up call every morning.
  3. This song is fucking hilarious. The lyrics really got stuck in hy heart. I’m not afraid to say this is their best work, as much as I like dances like Expectation or Female President, os songs like Easy Go or If you give me your heart. Sojin is an awesome song-writer. The deepness of this song can’t compare to anything. I’m speechless. Thank you Girl’s Day

    PS: Minah is right when she says “You have a really precious dream” for they are the only thing I can dream about.

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