[Project #016] Yura’s 22nd Birthday Support

Girl’s Day Daily will be celebrating Yura’s 22nd Birthday on November 6, 2013! She will be turning 21 Western Age and 22 Korean Age. As always we want her birthday to be memorable and thanks to Yura’s fancafe “Marbling” for inviting fans to participate in their support for Yura. We shared the support details through our twitter last month and the GDD team and DAI5Y have personally joined by donating.

There are a few days left to donate so if you haven’t already participated but would like to, make sure to check out this donation page.

Marbling has also invited fans to write letters to Yura and these will be delivered directly to her. If you would like to send a letter to Yura, make sure to check out this post and follow the guidelines.

Deadline for Marbling (Donations and letter submission): October 25th KST (closed)

Along with our personal donations to Marbling, GDD will be sending a cake to celebrate Yura’s special day. We will be using Gifts Korea since we have been very happy with their work on our previous support projects, Girl’s Day 3rd Anniversary and Minah’s Inkigayo MC Debut. We look forward to working on this project with you. If you would like to contribute, check out our donation page.

Deadline for Daily: October 31st (closed)


Yura’s Birthday Cake + Teddy Bear
A simple yet delicious cheesecake will be delivered to the Dream Tea office on November 6th at 2pm, along with a plush bear and a message from Girl’s Day Daily. We thank all who supported this project and any who also donated to Yura Marbling’s cafe support. Let’s wish Yura a happy and special birthday through gifts and messages to her.

Type: Classic Cheesecake (and personalized message to Yura)
Brand: TOUS les JOURS Bakery
Dimension: Cake diameter 21cm

Girl's Day Yura

Girl's Day Yura

Choco Teddy Bear
Note: We’re not sure if the outfits for the plush bears come standard or if it varies based on the order type and season.
Girl's Day Yura

Thank you,
The GDD Team

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