[PICS/TRANS] 131118 Girl’s Day Yura Filming for Reckless Family 3 Ep. 19

Girl's Day Yura

무작정 패밀리 19회 녹화가 끝났습니다! 녹화 종료 인증샷은 야외촬영 때 추위를 이기는 유라의 담요 꽁꽁 전법으로! 사진을 보고 난 유라 왈, 나 알집 같아요^^! 결론은 화요일 저녁 6시엔? 무패3!
Translation: Filming for episode 19 of “Reckless Family 3” is a wrap! To prove it, here’s Yura staying warm during an outdoor shoot by snuggling up tight in a blanket! When she saw the photo, she said, “I look like Alzip^^!” What’s on Tuesday night at 6PM? “Reckless Family 3”!
(T/N: Alzip is the icon for a Korean computer program.)

Girl's Day Yura
자고있는 우리 무작정 패밀리
Translation: Our sleeping reckless family


Source: 911120net | koenniceguy
Translated By: Shirina

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