[PICS/TRANS] 131202 Girl’s Day Yura Filming Reckless Family 3

Girl's Day Yura
축하합니다! 축하합니다! 지난 30일 생일이셨던 우리 웅철웅철 강철웅! 비록 리얼 생일날은 아니지만 나름 훈훈하게 마친 무패표 생일파티! 우리 강배우 다시 한 번 생일축하함다~♥
Translation: Congratulations! Congratulations! Our very own Kang Chulwoong celebrated his birthday on the 30th! Even though it wasn’t on the actual day, we held a heartfelt birthday party for him on the set! To our Kang-actor, once again, happy birthday~♥

Girl's Day Yura
과자 먹는 세 모녀! 폭풍 흡입 중 아니에요. 촬영 중이에요^^
Translation: Mother and daughters are eating snacks together! They aren’t wolfing them down though… they’re in the middle of filming^^


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