[PIC/TRANS] 131210 Reckless Family 3 – ‘Ballerina’ Girl’s Day Yura

Note: This ballerina picture of Yura was first revealed in 2011 when Girl’s Day’s twitter shared pictures from Girl’s Day’s childhood. It was again shared in Yura’s sitcom, Reckless Family 3 episode 20.

Girl's Day Yura

2013년 12월 10일(화) MBC에브리원 <무작정 패밀리3>20회 에서는 무작정 패밀리들의 과거 사진이 대 방출 됩니다. 이 귀요미 꼬마숙녀는 누구 일까요?? ^0^/ 저녁 6시 확인 해 보세요!!
Translation: On episode 20, old photos of our “reckless family” will be revealed. Who is this cute little lady?? ^0^/ Find out Tuesday December 10th at 6PM!!


Source: @HeavensZOO
Translated By: Shirina

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