[PICS/TRANS] 131214 Girl’s Day Filming their ‘?’ Music Video

Girl's Day
걸스데이는 무비촬영중!! 컨셉은 밝힐수없음ㅋ
Translation: Girl’s Day is filming their new music video!! We can’t reveal the concept, but… kekeke

Girl's Day
히히~ 누~~~~구게용?ㅋ
Translation: heehee~ Who~~~~ is this?

Girl's Day
여기는 경기도 광주!! 뮤비출장왔뜸 잠시 쉬는 틈을타 겜삼매경인 걸들~~ 새컨셉노출 방지를 위해 센스있게 스티커질!!ㅋㅋㅋ
Translation: We’re at the location of the music video shoot: Gwangju in Gyeonggi province!! The girls are making the most of a short break by playing games on their phones~~ In order to prevent exposing the new concept, stickers have been sensibly placed over their faces!! kekeke

Girl's Day
잠시 휴식시간!! 새앨범 기대하세욧!!ㅋㅋ
Translation: Taking a short break!! Please look forward to the new album!! keke

Girl's Day
Translation: At the music video shoot… keke

KBS1TV aired Minah’s movie ‘Holly’ and she was watching it during a short break.
Girl's Day
독립영화 ‘홀리’ 시청중인 빵미나미나양~~
Translation: Minah in the middle of watching “Holly”, the independent film that she starred in~~


Source: @withfunny
Translated By: Shirina

12 thoughts on “[PICS/TRANS] 131214 Girl’s Day Filming their ‘?’ Music Video

  1. Im sure that the one with the Note 2 (the only white phone, and she hasn’t got any case on her phone also…) in the last pic is Yura… lol that’s her phone, i’ve seen her many times, if you want to prove that just watch that behind the scene Female President video, she’s playing games with her phone and it’s the note 2, i am totally sure and i cant be wrong :3 also can’t wait for their comebaaaaaaack *shouts and feels excited*
  2. I need this mv with Sojin leading ..
    im excited for their new mv .
    Sojin saranghaeyo
  3. Ahh, im so excited!! Im hoping that Sojin is going to be the main character in the music video. ^^ since Minah was the lead in Oh! My God, Hyeri in Don’t Forget Me, and Yura in Expectation. 걸스데이 언니들 화이팅! <3 Everyday Girl's Day!
  4. I need my bias Baby Princess to be the main character for the mv !
    Sojin , Sojin , Sojin , Sojin !!!!!!
    i love u Park Sojin and girl’sday.

    Cant wait i need a teaser now .

  5. Yes, I agree – more screen time for Sojin this time please! Female President hardly had her in it.

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