Girl’s Day – Recap and Roundup of 2013

All in all, 2013 was a great year for Girl’s Day as they surged in popularity to become one of the hottest girl groups in Kpop. Here is a brief recap and roundup of the year for the girls.

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January was a largely quiet month as the girls concluded their promotional activities for Don’t Forget Me, released in October 2012.

The girls teased the fans by releasing the MV for White Day on 20th February, bringing anticipation for their comeback with a full length album in March.

In March, Girl’s Day surprised everyone with the release of their 1st full length album, with the title song “Expectation”, capturing everyone’s attention with a change from their usual cute image, evolving into sexy ladies. The song was well received due to its catchy tune and also the ‘suspenders’ dance.

April and May saw the girls get real busy with promotional activities for Expectation, as well as event performances.

In May, BHC Chicken announced the endorsement by Girl’s Day, the first of more endorsements to come in 2013.

Minah also featured in VIXX’s “Stop Resisting”.

On the 5th of June, the movie Holly, which was Minah’s first starring role in a movie was released.

Girl’s Day announced they would be coming back in June with a repackaged album with the title song “Female President”.

On June 24, the music video and album were released simultaneously, at the same time holding their showcase at the swimming pool of Banyan Tree Resort in Seoul, becoming the first girl group to hold a showcase at a swimming pool. The song immediately hogged the headlines as the girls exuded their sexiness with the “Nine-tailed fox” dance.

July was an unforgettable month for Girl’s Day as they celebrated their 3rd anniversary on 130709 and there was no better way to celebrate their anniversary than to achieve their first ever win on a music show at Inkigayo.

It has been a long time dream for Girl’s Day to win their first award on a music program, they even highlighted this in interviews with SportsHankook and OSEN News in April.

“We will never forget the last week of March. We were nominated as 1st place contenders two shows in a row. It feels surreal. How can I describe this feeling? Feeling exhilarated just being nominated. If we get 1st place we might even faint.” – (Minah)

“We could be the first group where everyone faints on live TV.” – (Hyeri)

“1st place on a music program is the goal. We have not reached 1st place before, we want to achieve it even once. To us a ’1st place’ is valuable but in a hard to reach place. It is that difficult. Achieving 1st place may seem like nothing special, I think it’ll feel great and give us a feeling of acknowledgment. I feel like it’ll be a foothold for us to achieve something even greater in the future. Working hard though this promotion I hope we can hold the 1st place trophy in our hands.” – (Sojin)

However, the 130707 broadcast of Inkigayo was cancelled due to a tragic air crash incident involving Asiana and Inkigayo belatedly revealed that Girl’s Day had obtained a score of 8,887 compared to Sistar’s 7,203, making Girl’s Day the undisputed first place for that week even if all 1,000 points from the live voting were awarded to Sistar.


Although they were unable to receive their award live, at a fanmeeting on the same day, Girl’s Day shared with the fans that they had won first place that week. Girl’s Day were presented the award belatedly at the following week’s broadcast of Inkigayo, on 130714.
Let us savor that sweet moment when they received the award from the MCs.

More good news from July as Yura was casted as a fixed member in the weekly sitcom, “Reckless Family 3” and Minah was casted a fixed MC for Inkigayo.

Girl’s Day also released a followup summer track titled “Tell Me” on 130730. No official MV was released but we got a cute video of behind the scenes clips from the girls at Busan thanks to DAI5Y Cafe.

In August, Girl’s Day announced their endorsement of Vita Day, a vitamin drink. As well as being appointed the ambassadors of Plan Korea, in which they headed to Thailand to participate in charity work. Minah also announced her endorsement of Majolica Majorca in August.

Yura also acted in KBS2’s Love and War 3rd Idol Special.

In September, Girl’s Day announced their endorsement of Pocky and AMKJ a Chinese skincare brand. As well as Minah announcing her role in the upcoming movie, “Please Rent My Dad”. Coincidentally in the same month, Minah received the “Best Rookie Actress Award” at the Gwangju International Film Festival 2013.

On 131014, Girl’s Day released the digital track “Let’s Go” as part of Samsung’s Passionate Youth Campaign which was written and composed by Sojin.

November was a relatively quiet month as the members were mostly busy with their personal activities with Minah being the MC for Inkigayo as well as filming for her upcoming movie and an appearance on Happy Together, Yura on the other hand was busy with the filming of her sitcom whilst Sojin and Hyeri were regular guests on Star King. It was announced that a member would make her solo debut in November but it has been postponed temporarily as the girls prepare for their group comeback.

In November Girl’s Day announced their endorsement of LG Tone+.

The earlier weeks of December were more or less the same as with November.

At the Year End Special of Music Bank, Expectation was named in the top 30 songs of 2013, coming in at 27th.

In late December, yet another of Girl’s Day’s longstanding wishes was fulfilled as they are invited to and will be participating in all 3 Year End Gayos from the 3 broadcasters. Girl’s Day also held a fanmeeting in Japan at Club Citta on 131224. It was also announced that Girl’s Day will be making their comeback on 140103 with a mini album.

Girl’s Day’s wishes and dreams and what they have accomplished for 2013
Girl’s Day have talked about their wishes and dreams in various interviews. Here is a summary of their wishes and dreams.


  1. Releasing A Song – Sojin has in fact released 4 tracks this year in which 2 were written and composed by herself(“Girl’s Day World” and “Let’s Go”) and an OST track for the drama Passionate Love titled “I Want To Turn Back Time” and a collaboration track “In The Summer” with Zizo for DEUX’s 20th anniversary tribute.


  1. Do More Acting – Yura you got it! Being casted as a permanent member of the sitcom “Reckless Family 3” and also taking the lead role in KBS2’s telemovie Love and War 2: 3rd Idol Special.


  1. Trying New Role In a Movie – Hey I’m not sure what kind of role Minah has in “Please Rent My Dad” but I’m sure she will do a good job.
  2. Solo – It got postponed til next year, at least there are plans for it to happen.


  1. Trying Everything – Greedy maknae ㅋㅋ well 2013 was a pretty fruitful year for Hyeri too as she starred in MVs like NC.A’s “My Student Teacher”, Wonderboyz’s “Tarzan”, C-CLOWN’s Shaking Hearts.
  2. Being a regular guest on Star King.


  1. Being Invited To Year End Gayos – ☑ ☑ ☑ yeap! all 3 major broadcast stations check!
  2. Attaining 1st Ever Win On Music Program – ☑ yeap! Inkigayo 130707!


  1. BHC Chicken
  2. Vita Day
  3. Pocky
  4. 爱沐空间(애목공간)
  5. LG Tone+
  6. Majolica Majorca (Minah)


  1. Plan Korea
  2. Ground Forces Festival 2013
  3. Samsung Passionate Youth Campaign


  1. First place @ Inkigayo 130707
  2. Idol Excellence Award @ Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards 2013
  3. Best Rookie Actress Award @ Gwangju International Film Festival 2013 (Minah)


2013 Roundup in Numbers

So you guys know how busy the girls are ^^
Note: Many activities do not appear on their schedule, especially for events. As such, the actual number is way higher than reflected in the official schedule.

Events (Performances, Concerts, Fansigns, etc.): 114
Live Broadcasts (Music Programs): 82
Recordings (Variety, Pre-recording, Post-recording): 77
Radio: 22

Sales Figures

Total Album Sales:
22,412 (Ranked #8 out of all Girl Group album sales in 2013)
Digital Downloads:
Expectation: 136,921,378
Female President: 73,900,832
Tell Me: 20,241,506

Disclaimer: Do let me know if you spot any mistakes or if I left out certain milestones which you think should be included!


Writeup By: Seany

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