[PICS/TRANS] 131222 Girl’s Day Hyeri Twitter Updates

우리 팬들 볼생각에 한숨도 못잠……….. ;-) 이른시간이지만 이따 보아요~~~~ 쿠쿠-*
Translation: Can’t sleep thinking of our fans……….. ;-) although its early, see you later~~~ kuku-*

아무리 생각해도 우리 팬들 진짜 짱!!!!!!!! 너무 이른 시간이여서 피곤할텐데 언능 들어가요~ 감사합니다 케이크 맛있게 드세용~ 진짜 진짜로!!!! 알라뷰!!!!!!!! 일본팬 여러분들도 곧 만나요~♥
Translation: No matter how I think of it our fans are awesome!!!!! Must be tiring to come so early, go back and rest~ Thank you please enjoy the cake deliciously~ Really really!!!! I love you!!!!!! We will also meet our Japanese fans soon~♥


Source: Hyeri’s Twitter
Translated By: Seany

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