[INFO] 131227 Girl’s Day Everyday 3 ‘Something’ Album & Tracklist

Everyday III Album – ‘Something’
Girl's Day

Girl's Day
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Late November we shared that Girl’s Day was working in the studio with David Kim and it turns out their 3rd mini album was produced by the Duble Sidekick (이단옆차기) team.

‘Something’ is their title track and the mini album will release on January 3, 2014.

Girl’s Day’s new title track “Something” is about a man with wandering eyes who lies to the woman that loves him. It depicts the various subtle emotions between them and how they deal with their relationship.

The electronic sounds that are universal to dance songs have been eschewed this time in favor of a hip-hop groove and acoustic instruments. This was done in order to put the focus on Girl’s Day’s voices. How the members move between different vocal registers, including falsetto, is particularly noteworthy, as they dramatically express a woman’s feelings: how love is painful, how love brings you to tears, and how love is just generally hard.

It is a song that demonstrates the peak of unusual feminine beauty, and Girl’s Day themselves do the same.



  1. G.D.P Intro
  2. Something
  3. 휘파람 (Whistle)
  4. Show You
  5. Something (Inst.)

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No matter which site you use, make sure the sales count towards the Hanteo and Gaon charts.

Note: There are two Girl’s Day posters for this album, some ebay sellers offer both as a set, while others you must buy 2 albums. [Ver. 1] | [Ver. 2]

Dream Tea Entertainment rep stated, “The unveiled poster cut shows the outfits, hairstyles, and overall concept of their new title track ‘Something’… This concept expresses Girl’s Day’s femininity and enchantingly sexy charms.”


Source: instiz.net | tvdaily + yesasia
Translated By: Shirina
Thanks To: @Girls_Day_News

4 thoughts on “[INFO] 131227 Girl’s Day Everyday 3 ‘Something’ Album & Tracklist

  1. So What is the best thing to do for European fans to support Girlsday. Until now I. have buying my GirlsDay albums from iTunes (just digital download).
    I would rather have MV on HD-DVD or Bluray. What is the best thing to order for me?
  2. The best thing is for fans to support and buy in any way they are able to support Girl’s Day. You have done well buying from iTunes to support Girl’s Day. Buying and streaming their music on Korean music sites is a great way to support them on the charts. Another way to support them is by buying a physical album, check that your store or seller counts on the charts.

    The MV is available for HD download from official Korean music sites and the Girl’s Day Best Album (Japan Limited Ver.) came with a DVD of 8 MVs.

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