[PICS/TRANS] 140104 Naver Music Special: Girl’s Day ‘Something’ MV Behind the Scenes

Story | On location at the “Something” music video shoot

Girl’s Day’s new title track “Something” is about a man with wandering eyes who lies to the woman that loves him. It depicts the various subtle emotions between them and how they deal with their relationship. So, how did Girl’s Day bring this song to life for the music video? We will reveal the members’ acting ability and take a look behind-the-scenes, exclusively on Naver Music!


Left | Expressing the wavering gaze of a wounded woman is the eldest member, Sojin! Wearing a red dress and with a floral decoration in hand, she conveys the feeling of a woman who gets hurt time and time again until finally, her heart grows cold~

Right | Yura hones in on the emotions of the song and, using her big eyes, gives off a look that seems as if she’ll cry at any moment~ This shows what a pro she is!


Left | Using her entire body to act out a woman’s anguish is our very own Minah! As she got into character completely, all the way down to her gestures, her acting skills impressed everyone on set.

Right | For this album, Hyeri abandoned her usual cuteness and showed a more mature side of herself.


And last but not least, a group shot!
The always hard-working Everyday! Girl’s Day!
For the fans who enjoyed the music video, here’s a surprise look behind-the-scenes!^^

Comic Strip Translation:

걸스데이 대표 먹순이들!!
The representative good-eaters of Girl’s Day!!

운전… 어떻게 하는 거예요? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
How… how am I supposed to drive this? kekekekeke
It’s..awkward kekeke
멤버중 유일하게 면허증이 없는 민아
Out of all of the members, Minah is the only one who doesn’t have a driver’s license

으히히 먹을거다♥ 다내끼다♥
tee-hee There’s food♥ And it’s all mine♥
유라야 촬영해야지
Yura, you still have to do the shoot!

혜리야 인상좀 펴..
Hyeri, can you tell us what you think about the shoot?
건들기만 해봥…
You’re just trying to make me mess up my game…

훗~ 이런건
내가.. 제일 잘어울리지
Ha~ This car.. really suits me
난이런건 조립해서 타본여자야
I put it together so I could ride it
공대언니의 위엄
The dignity of an engineering unnie

거울아 거울아
이 세상에서 누가 가장 잘 먹니..
Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who is the biggest eater of them all..
아니 이쁘니?
No, wait, I mean.. who is the prettiest?

오늘 촬영 이쁘게.. 이뻐보이게… 이뿌게… 이쁘게좀.. 해주세요!!
I pray that today’s shoot comes out well.. that it’s pretty… that it looks pretty… please.. let it be pretty!!
민아야 넌 이쁘다
Don’t worry, Minah: you’re pretty!

어.. 바닥에 나 비친다
Oh.. I can see myself in the floor
우리도 추춤 ㅠㅠ
We’re cold too ㅠㅠ
아아!!! 춰춰췇 추워효!!!
Ahh!!! Cold cold cold it’s cold!!!
많이 추워?
Are you really that cold?
으이그 엄살은!!
Aigoo, you’re such a crybaby!!

촬영이 시작되자 그녀들은 프로다운 모습을 마구 뿜어 내었다.
As soon as shooting started, the girls were absolutely professional and gave it their all.

피곤한 멤버들…
곧 끝나니 힘내요!!
The members are exhausted…
It’ll be over soon, so hang in there!

모니터링 하던 유라는 갑자기 귀여운 표정을 지어줬다.
뿌잉뿌잉>,< When Yura was monitoring the footage, she suddenly made a cute face for us. "Oh, really!? bbuing bbuing >,<" 아니 모니터링 하세요. No, not really Just keep monitoring yourself. -.- 우이씨!!!!!! 버럭버럭버럭 버럭버럭버럭 -.- Aish!!!!!! grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble 마지막 컷 찍고 끝내자! Let's film the last take and wrap it up! Girl's Day always tries to change things up and they are continuing to grow. With "Something", they have become women who are not only sexy, but beautiful too, and they are sure to be a top girl group of 2014. Now is when their story will finally begin.   Source: music.naver.com
Translated By: Shirina

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