[PICS/TRANS] 140103 MNET Music Exclusive: The Creative Process Behind The Costumes For “Something”!


Everyday! Girl’s Day! Hello! This is Girl’s Day.
We’re going to take an exclusive look into the making of our wardrobe for “Something”!

For this album, we went with something completely different from what we did previously for “Expectation” and “Female President”: a retro concept~! We wanted the clothing to emphasize femininity and sexiness without being too revealing.

So! Shall we begin by checking out the initial draft proposal?~

From looking at the runway inspiration photos, what kind of vision do you think we had for our stage outfits?
(T/N: Girl’s Day’s panel fitted dress seems inspired by the work of Antonio Berardi.)

We’ll give you a hint~!

The main ideas were incorporating lace details for a feminine style and utilizing the design of Chinese qípáo dresses to highlight East Asian beauty~

So, how exactly did the garments turn out~?

Let’s go behind-the-scenes now into the making of our wardrobe for “Something”!

First, let’s take a look at some sketches of the designs! Wow!!!

The plan for our clothing was basically to go with a tighter style while using fabric that maintained the feeling of a long skirt!

For our two-piece outfits, the tops would be more fitted to the body and the bottoms would have a high slit on the side, expressing pure sexy beauty~!

With all of that in mind, it was time to bring the design sketches to life!

Ta-da! Our costumes are complete!

The focal point of our black outfits is the lace detailing at the bottom of the sleeves. Jeweled accents further pump up the sexiness~


The color of our white outfits suggests both purity and glamour, while the addition of Swarovski crystals lends an air of elegance!


Our red outfits are decorated with plumage, which works perfectly with the feather rings that are used in the choreography for this song, and creates a unified look!


We wore all of these beautifully-made garments in the music video for “Something”~

As Girl’s Day, we’ll try our hardest not to disappoint, to meet or exceed expectations that people have of us, and to become a group worthy of the huge amount of love that we’ve received!

Please keep an eye on us!

And please think fondly of Everyday! Girl’s Day~~♥
Thank you so much!


Source: mnet.interest.me
Translated By: Shirina

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