[Project #018] GDD Trip to Korea #2 – Girl’s Day Mailbox

The GDD Team will be visiting Korea once again in March! Achel and Albert will be visiting until mid March, while Seany will be joining them during their last week. This will be an exciting trip because they will all be meeting for the first time.

Girl's Day

GDD in Korea
Achel: March 5-24
Albert: March 3-23
Seany: March 10-19

This is Achel and Albert’s very first trip to Korea and they hope to meet DAI5Y while attending Girl’s Day events. Seany is anticipating meeting with DAI5Y friends and seeing our girls live on stage again! Look forward to fantaken and fancams from their trip. This will be a special and memorable time and they’ll be eager to share their experiences.

During their trip they hope to visit the Dream Tea office and we wanted to put together a special gift for Girl’s Day. This is an event where everyone can participate and we hope many show their support. (Note: This is separate from the Cheer Support in progress, we will update soon when it’s complete.) We will be collecting messages from DAI5Y, we invite you to send letters, drawings or pictures. Achel will collect these together in a decorative box and it will be given to Girl’s Day. You may be familiar with our past Girl’s Day mailbox events, where we collect letters together to show the love and support from DAI5Y.
Galleries of custom mailboxes and dimensions: https://www.primemailboxes.com/collections/residential-mailboxes/


How to Join: Make a personal gift for Girl’s Day
1. We are collecting letters and fanart for the girls.
We are not collecting gift items at this time.

– May submit letters, artwork, etc. Must be a small item.
– Must be appropriate. Remember this is to show our support.

2. Contact achel [at] girlsdaydaily [dot] com
– You may send your item in the mail or you may write a message/scan/take a picture and email it to achel. Contact her by email for the mailing address and about other questions you may have.

– Any message/scan/picture sent by email will be printed out and included with the letters received.

Deadline: March 1st

Since Achel is leaving that next week, we will not be able to extend the project deadline. If you’re sending your item in the mail, make sure you send it early so that it arrives before the deadline.

Thank you for your participation and DAI5Y let’s continue to show our support to Girl’s Day by cheering them on from around the world.

Thank you,
The GDD Team

5 thoughts on “[Project #018] GDD Trip to Korea #2 – Girl’s Day Mailbox

  1. I have a question. I am a hardcore DAI5Y but I’m very concerned about them. Hyeri has not been receiving lines as she used to. Also, Minah is always in the center even in the CF’s. And I wanted to write my concerns to DreamT. Because I LOVE ALL of them but I feel the other members are not getting that much spotlight. Can I write a letter about his or is it prohibited to?
  2. The company has their own strategy and plans for the girls. Don’t worry as the company consults with the girls prior to and ultimately whatever decision the company makes will always be beneficial to the girls.
    As fans what we can do is to give our support to our lovely girls who are always putting their best efforts into everything they do.
  3. I really want to participate this time! I might draw some fan art, but if I write a letter is it fine if its written in english?

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