[Project #20] Girl’s Day Party in LA – Concert Support

Girl’s Day will be coming to LA for the KBS Open Concert on April 12th!
Let’s go and support~

Girl's Day

This is a great achievement for Girl’s Day because it will be the farthest they have traveled for a concert! DAI5Y is excited for Girl’s Day’s first concert in the U.S, together let’s show our great support and welcome them in a special way.


We are beaming with excitement now!ㅋㅋ

Girl's Day

We have many plans for the girls and DAI5Y. For Girl’s Day we would like to do welcoming gifts and provide refreshing snacks at the concert. The artists are usually at the concert all day for rehearsals and the performance, so we wanted to provide snacks that could keep the girls’ energy up!

Girl's Day

We are considering different options, one is ordering from a local Edible Arrangements, their fruit is delicious and the designs are beautiful. There’s even a Daisy fruit bouquet^^ Depending on the support for this project we will plan the welcoming gifts accordingly.


DAI5Y are you ready?

Girl's Day

This is our chance to show Girl’s Day the great support that they have overseas in California and North America (including others traveling from outside the country). Our hope is that many DAI5Y will come and support, whether from the area or traveling for the event.


In the coming weeks let’s learn Girl’s Day’s fanchants and do our best to loudly cheer on the girlsㅋㅋ

Girl's Day
[Fanchant Guide]
We plan to pass out fanchant flyers the day of the concert.


DAI5Y attending the event may order a Girl’s Day Official Cheer Slogan. Fill out the order form and read the directions carefully. Deadline for payment is March 2! Make sure to order now if interested, we cannot guarantee that we will have extra banners for purchase on day of concert.
At this time the orders will be open for ONLY those attending the concert. In the future we hope to open it up to international orders.

We are still considering ideas and are open to any suggestions DAI5Y may have, whether you are attending the concert or not. If you wish to share your ideas, please fill out this suggestion form.


If you would like to contribute to this support you may send a modest donation to Tammy. If you would like to participate in another way, we would appreciate it if you could spread the word about the project.

Paypal: f451awakening[at]yahoo[dot]com
Goal: $300 $500!
Total Raised: $770!

For more details check out our donation page.

Deadline for donations: Closed


We have 7 weeks before the concert and there’s many plans to be made to ensure that this concert is a memorable time for Girl’s Day and DAI5Y. Together let’s do our best to show our love and support~

Girl's Day

Thank you,
The GDD Team


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18 thoughts on “[Project #20] Girl’s Day Party in LA – Concert Support

  1. They haven’t released that information yet, but with the size of the Coliseum I doubt you have to worry about it maxing out.
  2. I’ll be making the journey from Chicago to see them in LA, but I missed the deadline for the banners because I saw the link two hours after it had finished :(
  3. Don’t worry the previous form was only to determine interest. Check the post for updated details on the actual order form that was opened today.
  4. I am sooooo excited this will be their first concert in the US and I’m only 4 hours away! I want to go SO bad.. but if I can’t go you can at least count me in for a donation soon.
  5. Wow! This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
    Too bad that I’m in South America and suddenly they will come to to LA, anyway I’m proud to be a DAI5Y, but I hope I can go to Korea in September this year (chuseok season), so I can meet the girls (Yura and Minah are my bias ^^)
  6. @Wendy At this time paypal is the only method since it’s a short deadline. Normally for projects we accept check, money order or western union. @Marley KBS said they will announce ticket details soon, and once information is available we will share it.
  7. @Kava what are must see places in LA? I know the usual shopping spots but what other places would you recommend to someone on their 1st visit? How about popular restaurants? Thinking of including a list with their gifts of must do and see places while they’re here. Since the girls will be here a short time I thought a little guide list could be helpful :)
  8. I would say, Disneyland, Pinks, Hollywood walk of fame, santa monica pier, sunset strip (the whiskey and the roxy), The original Tommy’s, Spago beverly hills, Sprinkles beverly hills, century city mall ( I saw brooke shields there), Beverly Center mall, Carney’s, Ben Franks (I saw Bono there) , and lets not forget In-N-Out :) oh and and rodeo drive, LA FAshion district and The Grove
  9. Disneyland is in Orange County where i Live and I would say places to go here besides dland would be Roy’s Steakhouse, Flemming’s, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach Pier, South Coast Plaza, and Laguna Beach. Since they are here for a short time I would put Dland at the top of the list usually ( I know many kpop groups go there).
  10. Is anyone going to meet them at the airport? I would be interested in going and welcoming them with others if you know when they are coming in??
  11. Is it allowed to bring posters/banners in the concert? Also, I agree with Kava, I am interested in welcoming them at the airport.
  12. ahh I wish I would have seen this sooner! My friend and I will be there (driving down from Utah), hoping to meet some of you!

    Where can I find details on meeting up before the concert? I know we all have different seats but it would be fun to say hi to fellow Dai5y’s and all that ^_^

    Also, do we know if the girls will be doing any sort of fan-greet or anything?

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