[TRANS/ARTICLE] 140226 Girl’s Day Minah featured in Lee Hyun Do’s ‘4U’ Project Album

Girl's Day Minah

We earlier speculated that the release would be for Minah’s solo debut. It was listed on Melon’s ‘Coming Soon’ page as ‘single’ with her as the only participating artist. However, as the days drew near to the single’s release we all started to question whether she would be making her debut. There wasn’t an announcement from Dream Tea nor any teasers or promotional images. As it turns out it was not for her solo debut but for a project album. We know DAI5Y is anxious for Minah’s debut but we will have to wait a little longer for it. The excitement and buzz revealed that DAI5Y is definitely ready to support Minah!

Note: The funds raised for Minah’s support will be put towards ‘Girl’s Day in LA’ concert support.

Lee Hyun Do of Deux produced the project album “4U” and Girl’s Day Minah is the featuring vocalist for the title track entitled, “I Will Only Hold Hands” (Just Holding Hands). (T/N: The Korean phrase ‘손만 잡을게’ literally means “I will only hold hands” and is a common phrase used when guys try to bring their girlfriends to hotels/motels.)

Dindin was a finalist on the hip-hop competition show “Show Me The Money 2” and is considered a rising star; he partnered with Minah as the rapper on the track.

An agency representative revealed the reason for Minah being chosen to take part in the song, “It was thought that Minah’s lovely and comfortable vocals were well suited for this sweet song.”

The song was released on the 26th at noon on various music sites.

Support and buy Minah’s song on iTunes! Although iTunes is not counted on the charts it still supports Minah.


Source: newsen.com
Translated By: Shirina

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