[TRANS/ARTICLE] 140314 Starcast: ‘The day of Girl’s Day writing letters!’

[STARCAST] Girl’s Day hand-written letters that calls for analogue sentiment

Every day~ Girl’s Day!
STARCAST readers~ Hello.
Everyone has been waiting for a long time for us Girl’s Day, right? Girl’s Day finally joined STARCAST! We are here to meet the readers.

The title song ‘Something’ from the third mini album ‘Everyday 3’ by Girl’s Day that was released on January 3rd got lots of love. Because of that, we are spending busy days shooting for the advertisement and with event schedules. Thank you for loving us~

We came to the office in a long time today and there are lots of gifts and letters that fans sent us. While reading fan letters, we made a sudden suggestion of writing a letter to someone~

So, we chose today as ‘The day of Girl’s Day writing the letters!’ as today’s event~ Because every day is Girl’s Day~
Since our story is going to be on STARCAST, we are thinking about using this opportunity to express our minds of gratitude to our fans through a letter~


Sojin: Are you guys not grateful to our fans who always sends us letters that are full of efforts?
Yura: Of course we are. It is hard to write a letter without such efforts.
Minah: That is right. There is courage needed in writing and sending the letter.
Hyeri: To whom are you guys going to write a letter?
Sojin: Well? Umm… My uncle and aunt?
Yura: Should I write to my mom and dad?
Hyeri: Who should I write to… Minah, who are you going to write a letter to?
Minah: Grandma?






We are also going to the stationary store in a long time to buy the letter sheets. We also really like the fun coming from choosing pretty letter sheets. While choosing the letter sheets, the memory of choosing pretty letter sheets and envelopes to write a letter to a friend from a class or to
someone we like comes into mind one by one.

Hyeri: Hey, isn’t this pretty?
Sojin: Wow~ This is pretty also.


Yura: What should I write?

We constantly repeated writing and throwing away the paper all night just to write one letter. I think everyone have experienced that kind of thing before. There might be also some letters that were not sent. There were really lots efforts and excited minds until we write a letter with a lot of efforts and write again in a new paper when the writing goes bad even just a little bit and stick a postage stamp and finally put them into a mail box~

These days, everyone communicates all the greetings, expression of emotions and showing gratitude through text messages on a cell phone. However, there are times when the limits to communication are felt.

Our Girl’s Day also gets tons of letters in a day that fans hand-writes with lots of efforts and we are touched every time. When seeing the hand-written letters from the soldier fans, middle school and high school student fans and even the fans abroad, those letters themselves make us feel touched.





Sojin: Isn’t the mind getting calm when we have the letter sheets in front of us?
Hyeri: I think no matter what it is, the first line is hardest to write.
Yura: I think so too.
Minah: There are times when I am too lazy to write after thinking but once I start writing, I get to concentrate and feel better.


Minah is writing to her grandma, who she loves and misses. When taking a slight look at what it is about, it looks like her grandma is a little bit sick… Dear grandma, get better soon~


I, Sojin, wrote a letter to uncle and aunt, who I love as much as mom and dad^^ They are people who loved me a lot since I was little and helped me to think positively.


Yura wrote a letter to her mom and dad. Yura is only child and it looks like she did not get to contact them often. Contact them often from now on through a video call~


The youngest member Hyeri is writing to her dad, who she loves~ It looks like her dad smokes. Hyeri is worrying. Dad~ Smoking is not good for the health!


It looks like the members are healing their minds and also recovering the minds they had when everything first began by writing the letters. Everyone has happy faces~





Now, everyone finished writing the letter, closed the envelopes and attached the postage stamps. Now, let’s go and find the mailbox~ The red mail box! It looks like it is somewhat romantic and has lots of stories, doesn’t it? There is still such a nice mailbox in Gangnam. Our Girl’s Day writes a letter and sends it today, March 13th 2014. We trust you, mailman~





Sojin: I should really write the letter often from now on. My mind is getting really warm.
Minah: That is right. The power of the letter! When having lunch with our fans last time, we all wrote the letter and read it out loud.
Hyeri: You shed tears back then.





Yura: Hyeri, you shed tears also.
Hyeri: Haha.
Minah: It looks like we are advertising models for writing hand-written letters. Haha.

When opening up the letter that arrived all of a sudden wondering if something happened, it would be so nice if there is nice news. It is just like how our fans make us happy every time.

Now, we write a letter so that all the fans of Girl’s Day can read it. We are really excited and nervous. We also worry about how we should write the first sentence… Even with that, we write a letter with courage. Because what is written on the letter that contains sincere mind is important rather than how pretty you write~


To dear fans who loves Girl’s Day!


We did not even start the first line properly but what would be the reason the brain goes blank and the voice starts to go away?

It really looks like it was only yesterday since we made a debut shouting ‘Every day Girl’s Day!’ on July 9th, 2010 but already 4 years have passed. The time is so fast. Hyeri was a freshman in high school but she is now 21, Minah was a sophomore and is now 22, Yura was a junior and is now 23. For me, umm… haha.

Since time has passed, there were also lots of things that have happened. In the early years of debut, we pledged to grow step by step as if we are really going up the stairs. However, there were times when we were anxious due to the growth that was slower than we expected and also times when we were about to collapse as it felt like we were still the same no matter how hard we tried to improve. However, the fans always trusted us and cheered for us every time so we were able to come to where we are right now.

Because of that, we are spending really happy times these days. We made a comeback with ‘Something’ in the beginning of this year and won 1st place several times on the shows and online music charts and is getting overflowing amount of love from lots of people. Thank you all.

We are still lacking and there are lots of things that we have to show so Girl’s Day is going to try much harder. The charm of Girl’s Day is about always being ever-changing, right? Is everyone not curious about what kind of look we will have to show the change on next comeback? I am also curious.

Just like how you guys were always by our side, our Girl’s Day will also bring happiness to you guys’ ears, eyes and mind^^~

‘Tilt My Head’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Hug Me Once’, ‘Don’t Flirt’, ‘Oh My God!’, ‘Don’t Forget Me’, ‘Expect’, ‘Female President’ and ‘Something’ and many other songs that Girl’s Day released… Many stages that we were on… We will never forget that the fans were always with us during those times~ Never, ever~

Thank you all! We love you guys~


Sojin: I am done writing~! Everyone, I love you.
Yura: You wrote all the things that I wanted to say to the fans.
Hyeri: I am also satisfied! I love you fans~
Minah: Every day Girl’s Day~ I love you guys!

In daily life in which we always busily only look what is ahead and go forth, I think remembering old memories even when it means going through trouble and finding relaxation is good healing. The truth is, that is why I purposely suggested writing the letter to the members, and I think I made a good choice.

Please continue to look forward to the different sides of Girl’s Day~ Girl’s Day still have a lot to show~!!!



Written by = Sojin (Girl’s Day)
Pictures = DreamT Entertainment


Source: news.naver.com
Translated By: star.naver.com

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