[PIC/TRANS] 140319 Show Champion Twitter Update – Girl’s Day & Various Artists

Artists: Kim Shinyoung, Super Junior Shindong, Ailee, Dynamic Duo Gaeko, B1A4, Girl’s Day, T-ara Eunjung and f(x) Amber.

BjFY_h9CcAAaPLY.jpg large

쇼챔피언 100회 생방송 현장! 아카데미 시상식 부럽지 않은 스타들과 함께하고 있습니다^^ 무한 RT 고고!!!
Translation: On location at the live broadcast of Show Champion’s 100th episode! These stars feel no envy towards the Academy Awards^^ (T/N: This photo is a playful take-off of Ellen’s infamous celebrity “Oscar Selfie”.) Please RT go go!!!


Source: @showchampion1
Translated By: Shirina

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