[Project #21] Girl’s Day Sojin & Minah Birthday Support

Daisies from around the world and the team have prepared personal gifts for the girls. As a group, we want to celebrate their birthdays in a special yet simple way. Minah and Sojin will receive gifts on their respective birthdays along with See’s Chocolates that we will send together. We originally were going to have a cake delivered but they will be receiving many, so the chocolates will complement these.

On May 13th Minah will be celebrating her birthday, she is 21 Western Age and 22 Korean Age. On May 21st Sojin will be celebrating her birthday, she is 28 Western Age and 29 Korean Age.

This support will be a simple project since we recently completed a major support to welcome Girl’s Day to LA. We are also looking ahead and planning for Girl’s Day’s comeback and 4th Anniversary in July. Hyeri will be celebrating her birthday in June.

You may join the support by promoting this project and if you would like to contribute, check out our donation page. All remaining funds will be put towards Hyeri’s Birthday and Girl’s Day’s comeback + anniversary support.

Goal: $60 | Final Cost: $60.03
Total Raised: $364.10 USD (as of 5/11)
Deadline: May 12 (Closed)

Once the goal is reached we will prepare the chocolates to be delivered to Sojin and Minah.

Update: [Gifts Arrival]

Make sure to tweet your messages to Sojin and Minah on their birthdays and show them lots of love!


Thank you,
The GDD Team

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