[PIC/TRANS] 140513 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update

Minah with Chance of Duble Sidekick
Chance: Happy Birthday @Girls_Day_Minah 생일축하 방민아

Minah: 정말 가슴아픈 요즘.. 생일을 맞이하게되었지만
마냥 기쁠수만은 없네요.. 사진을 올릴까 말까 고민을하다 저의 생일을 챙겨주신 분들의 성의를 무시할수없어 올려요..! 늘 사랑해 주셔서 감사합니다…! 우리 곧 만나요! 민아 올림

My heart is aching recently.. even though it’s my birthday
There seems to be no reason to be happy.. I was debating whether to upload photos but I can’t ignore the sincerity of those who took the effort to prepare for my birthday, uploading..! Thank you for your love…! I’ll see you soon! From Minah



사진을 안올렸네요…. ㅇㅅㅇ 하하허..

The photo wasn’t uploaded…. ㅇㅅㅇ hahaha..


Source: Minah’s Twitter | thechancellors instagram
Translated By: Seany

4 thoughts on “[PIC/TRANS] 140513 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update

  1. 어, 민아 누나 왜 슬퍼해요? 슬퍼하지 마세요 누나!! 새일 축하해요^^
  2. happy birthday gwiyomi nuna!!! bang min ah saranghae <3 i'm your big fan from malaysia :) #WaitingForNewComebackGirlsday

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