[TRANS/ARTICLE] 140513 Kyungjae Today – Girl’s Day Minah Birthday Interview

Minah of Girl’s Day: “I won’t forget the seaweed soup that our fans made for me”

(T/N: In Korean culture, 미역국 (seaweed soup) is traditionally eaten to celebrate birthdays, due to the fact that many women eat it for its health benefits both during pregnancy and after childbirth.)


[Kwak Mingu for Kyungjae Today] With songs such as “Expectation”, “Female President”, and “Something”, Girl’s Day has experienced a surge in popularity, and today, the group’s main vocal Minah turns 22 (T/N: Korean age).

This is her first birthday since Girl’s Day has solidified themselves in the music industry, so we asked to hear Minah’s thoughts about it, and she revealed her hidden maturity.

What are you going to do for your birthday?
I don’t have anything planned yet… but I’m waiting to find out if we’re doing something fun.

How do you feel about today?
This year, when I woke up, I suddenly felt a sense of responsibility, and my first thought was “Maybe I need to grow up more.”

What do you think about getting older?
I’m still young, so I don’t have any concrete ideas about it. Isn’t age just a number that increases one by one?

What age are you most looking forward to being? And why?
30. I think that’s when I’ll be the prettiest I’ll ever be. I’ll have matured and I feel like, both mentally and physically, that’s when I’ll be the most beautiful.

What are the words that you want and don’t want to hear today?
I don’t want to hear “Let’s go out! It’s on me!” because I don’t want my birthday to be a big deal this year; I just want to enjoy it quietly. I want to hear “Happy birthday!” because that’s the most normal thing to say and that’s how I want my birthday to feel: normal.

What is your most memorable birthday?
It would have to be the birthday that I got to spend with our fans during the promotions for “Twinkle Twinkle”. Our fans rented out a café and made seaweed soup for me. I was really touched and thankful. I still haven’t forgotten that day.

What do you want to receive as a birthday present?
Getting gifts is nice, and although it’s my birthday, I’m suddenly thinking of what I could give to other people. Especially my parents! But if I couldn’t do that, I would want to give myself a ticket for a trip to Europe.

If you were given time off for your birthday, what would you definitely want to do?
Travel abroad!! I want to go to Europe. I’d like to relax, contemplate things, and see more of the world in order to expand my knowledge.

How do you hope your birthday will be ten years from now?
I’d just calmly and comfortably be going through the day, when suddenly, someone would hand me a gift and I’d be like, “Oh yeah! It’s my birthday!” I hope it’ll be a happy day.

Any closing words?
Minah-yah, happy birthday! And to my parents: thank you, mom and dad. I love you!


Source: eto.co.kr
Translated By: Shirina

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