[TRANS/ARTICLE] 140514 Starcast: Girl’s Day’s Life Curve

[STARCAST] Girl’s Day’s life curve, “being spectacular and dynamic from now on!”
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Picture of ‘How long girl groups took to become top in public music broadcast’ is popular on recent internet sites. The longest girl group was Girl’s Day that took 1,095 days. There were many happenings until Girl’s Day won 6 crowns in music programs with ‘Something’.

They didn’t get spotlight right after they debuted, and a member left in the beginning. They were noticed with ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Hug Me Once’ but it was not enough. ‘Expectation’ made them popular. Many girl groups make lot of concept changes; however, they didn’t make much change compared to Girl’s Day. They became one of the sexiest girl groups with ‘Don’t Forget Me’ in 2012, ‘Expectation’ and ‘Female President’ 2013, ‘Something’ in 2014. They took 4 years to be in the top. They each have different worries they went through and we make them public.

# Yura’s life curve: individual mood curve
(Subtitle: I hate being on a diet)
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Yura’s life curve is very neat like she had majored in arts. Her hand writings are the prettiest. Her curve is even straight. It has cute magma and mountain picture. She rewrote ‘individual mood curve’ erasing the ‘life curve’ word. The core of the mood was ‘being on diet’. Yura said “My moods go bad whenever I have to be on a harsh diet. Girls have to be on a diet all their life. I went on a diet by doing swimming when I was in high school. I have much stress after I debuted since I have to do it for a living. It is hard since I cannot eat. I ate meat for 3, 4 persons, 2 pork stews, and 7 plates at buffet when I was in high school”.

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Yura’s best moment was at ‘Hug Me Once’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ period. She said, “I was loved even when I gained some weight at that time”. She replied, “It is okay to eat a little since I lose baby fat as I grow up. I do not go on a diet these days since my stomach has shrunk naturally” when she was asked if she was still on a diet.

What had disturbed Yura when she wasn’t on a diet before her debut was institute. She said, “Maybe I went to 10 institutes; ballet, Taekwondo, Chinese character, oratory, piano, violin etc. It wasn’t a good memory to me but I got 89.9 score average when I was in middle school”. She told details about her experience studying at that time. Why did she challenge to be a singer, although she was good at studying and art? “I was dexterous, but I dreamt to be a singer or actor since I was young. I like to show my talents to people. It was actually hard to sit still doing art. I feel good that this field can cover various parts”.

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Was it due to the reason that she did not have to go on a diet forcibly or is it that she spent her glory days of ‘Something’? The peak of her life curve is this present. The peak has reached the mountains and up in the sky. She cheered herself by saying, “I have no reason to come down from now but reason to go up”.


# Sojin’s life curve: Sojin’s identity search is still ongoing
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Sojin drew her life curve as her years of experience. Her life curve was drawn calmly compared to other different members. She was a tomboy when she was young and a model student when she was attending school. She decided to come to school since she had a dream of being a singer. Sojin said, “I felt that school shouldn’t be like this. I wanted to find my ideal dream that I dreamt of. I seized a good chance while I did part time jobs when I was preparing to debut”

It was confidence that held her from wandering in her early 20s. Sojin said, “I was confident I could make my dreams come true and become a singer. I don’t know where the confidence came from…” She didn’t think it was talent, however, she has shown it since she was young. Sojin thought of the past by saying, “I sang in church when even people didn’t tell me to. I also sang in school when there was a talent show”.

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Sojin debuted at a late age (25) as an idol star. Her mind changed from the time when she had sense of hope when her UCC was opened to the public before her debut. The curve which bent down was at 2010 and 2012, when they performed ‘Oh My God’. She was worried that her singer’s life would end at that time. Her life curve went up at the period of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, however, she revealed that it was hard to sing cutely and her worries of that time cannot be forgotten. It wouldn’t have been easy for her to forget, it is an awkward concept although fans love it.
She revealed her honest mind, “It was hard to reveal a made image since I’m not friendly with cute and fresh things. I’m kind of cold since I’m a Kyungsang region person. But I’m getting well”.

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She expressed that she could live now by going through the sexy concept and their glory days. Has she found her real color? Sojin said, “I’m happy to act comfortably rather than I found my real color. It is good that I can express what I feel. I want to work related to broadcast; movies and radio DJ”.


# Minah’s life curve: love for singing is great
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Minah’s life curve had a different point compared to the other members. It has a complicated form after her debut. It seems like she has a dynamic story after the group’s debut. She picked the days of her elementary school as the lowest point in her life curve before her debut. She replied “I came to know the society after I entered elementary school”. She went into deep thought when she was asked about the dark ages after breaking the ‘Maginot Line’ after her debut. She added, “There are many feelings but I lost myself that time. I heard things about which I never heard of and I was worried whether this was the thing I dreamt of. It came until now after I endured things. I’m happy now”.

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There are some reasons to slump in wandering after debut. She lives fiercely as she finds the reason to slump from laziness. She says, “I just endure my slump”. She has happy moments since she has a wobbly life curve. She picked the moments of ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ and ‘Something’. She felt each time was the best moment and was fun.

Minah’s life curve where it goes up is when she began to start music. Minah drew her life curve by saying, “My dream began since I started music at 14. I dreamt of being a singer since I was young but I started it properly when I was 14”.

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Minah says she’s under a slump now, however she’s still happy due to music. She showed love for songs by saying, “I haven’t sung much these days since I’m appearing in broadcast. So I’m practicing from the beginning”. She conveyed positive energy about their next album, “It would be okay somehow, right? haha”.


# Hyeri’s life curve: Spectacular! Dynamic!
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Hyeri’s life curve is very spectacle and detailed. She completed her life curve by writing funny cute details like, ‘Chestnut went in my nose. Since then my nose grew big’. Hyeri added, “I put something in my nose which didn’t come out. I was taken to the hospital. But while I was going there, it came out when I sneezed. I didn’t know it was a chestnut until then. My nose resembles my father’s. It is natural”.

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Hyeri has spent a model student life being elected as student president in elementary school. She has been class president which is picked from the highest-graded student although she says she has done everything except the top. She also showed confidence by saying “That much is possible~” to Yura who said she was number 11 in class. Hyeri said that she did everything that she could do and said she could do it whenever the class was asked to do a favor. She has various experiences in the newspaper club, broadcast club, running club, soccer club and even health guide.

Being a singer was a different chance for Hyeri who had an active student life. However, she decided to become a singer at 1st grade in high school even though she was cast from the street in grade 5 of elementary school. She had dreamt variously in her youth; talent, singer, president, teacher, etc. She said that she didn’t feel like she was needed from the star world when she was young, but she felt different when she was 17. She felt that she wanted to become a singer that time.

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After their debut, Hyeri seemed that she went through a ‘tremendous hard time’. She said, “Things like meeting external people, adults, and living outside was hard to me. It was too hard that I couldn’t think of what I was doing. I just did things that were ordered”.

There were happy events also. Those are small happenings. Hyeri said, “I felt good when I went to Dongdaemun when we were practicing. Small things while we were practicing to become number one made me feel good”.

Hyeri’s life curve’s peculiarity is that the curve is not finished now. It is placed in the middle of up-and-downs of 21-year-old Hyeri acting with ‘Something’. She says that she wants to live spectacularly and dynamic since there would be nothing felt when she keeps going up.

Writing, Picture. Park Su Jeong (TenAsia)
Editor. Choi Jin Shil (TenAsia)


Source: naver.com
Translated By: star.naver.com

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