[Project #22] Girl’s Day Hyeri Birthday Support

Our little lady Hyeri will celebrate her birthday on June 9th, she is 19 Western Age and 20 Korean Age. We will celebrate with Hyeri by sending a chocolate gift from Godiva. She will receive a truffles box along with any personal gifts prepared by fans.

The goal for this project has been reached thanks to the overwhelming support received during Sojin and Minah’s birthday. If you would like to contribute you can check out our donation page. We are currently accepting donations for Girl’s Day’s comeback + anniversary support.

Goal: $50 (Reached!)
Final Cost: $54.65 USD

Update: [Gifts Arrival]

Make sure to tweet your messages to Hyeri on her birthday and show your love!

Thank you,
The GDD Team

2 thoughts on “[Project #22] Girl’s Day Hyeri Birthday Support

  1. Would love to donate for all these events…but sadly I have no credit card yet T^T. Once I turn 17 within this year I will be contributing my love to all of Girl’s Day. The support for these girls that every DAI5Y puts in is amazing, and I can’t wait to help out.

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