[TRANS/ARTICLE] 140521 Kyungjae Today: Girl’s Day Sojin Birthday Interview

Sojin of Girl’s Day: “I want to receive the gift of love.”


[Kwak Mingu for Kyungjae Today] Sojin, the leader and main vocal of 2014’s hottest group, Girl’s Day, celebrates her birthday today (21st). She was born on May 21, 1986.

Instead of having a fancy party, she has to celebrate her birthday in Girl’s Day’s practice room to prepare for their upcoming album. Without a complaint, she says, “I am grateful and happy for every moment.”

Q. [What do you plan on doing for your birthday?]
A: “Since we’re preparing for our next album, we were practicing our new dance routine. The moment the clock struck twelve on my birthday, my members, our dance team, and our staff congratulated me. I should give my family, whom I appreciate and love so dearly, a call. I am grateful and happy for every moment.”

Q. [How do you feel on your birthday?]
A: “My birthday definitely feels different from that of my friends. Because I’m part of Girl’s Day, I feel like Peter Pan. Yet, I try to reenforce my larger goals, as they feel heavier as I age. BUT, I’m not too worried because I’m still in my burning 20’s!”

Q. [How do you feel about aging?]
A: “I am sad, but I’m learning something new every year. I get to see, experience, and think about greater things. Every year feels new, and I’m excited for what is to come.”

Q. [What age are you most excited for?]
A: “35 years old. I feel like a loooooot is going to happen before 35. I am excited to find out what decisions I will have made, and the life I will have created by then. By 35, I hope to be a greater woman than I am now.”

Q. [What do you like/dislike hearing on your birthday?]
A: “(I dislike) people talking about my age. I hate that people place limitations on my age. I want to show them that if there’s something you truly wish to do, age cannot stop you. Rather than receiving gifts, having loved ones who wish me ‘Happy Birthday!’ is more precious. And also, I’d like to hear from those with more life experiences, about what I can achieve this year.”

Q. [What was your tae-mong (conception dream)?]
A: “My mother picked and ate a red tomato from a tomato field.”

Q. [When was your most memorable birthday?]
A: “It was last year. Even though I’m not all that special, I receive more love than most people because of my loving fans. Last year, we were performing in a distant region, and many fans traveled far to put up a birthday placard for me. I loved last year because it was full of grateful and precious moments.”

Q. [What would you like to receive on your birthday?]
A: “Love kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”

Q. [If you are granted a birthday vacation, what would you like to do?]
A: “I want to travel aimlessly by car. I think I’ll get to learn and experience many new things.”

Q. [How do wish your birthday to be in 10 years?]
A: “I hope that many of my dreams would be fulfilled, and that I’d be happily surrounded by loved ones…and I wish I wouldn’t have aged!!!!!!!”

Q. [Please say a word to yourself.]
A: “Be more lenient with yourself, and love yourself more.”


Source: eto.co.kr
Translated By: Catherine

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