[PICS/TRANS] 140603 SBS MTV The Show Twitter Update with MC Girl’s Day Hyeri

MCs: Hyeri, T-ara Jiyeon and Model Park Jung Wook


사랑스럽고 또 사랑스럽고 정말 사랑스러운♡ 새로운 두MC! 지연&혜리와 함께 더쇼를 책임질 복 듬뿍 받은 남자MC는 누구? 궁금하다면 잠시 후 6시 더쇼를 주목하세요!
Translation: Lovelier and lovelier and even more lovelier♡ The two new MCs! Jiyeon and Hyeri will be giving plenty of happiness to the male MC whose identity is? If you are curious, tune in at 6PM on The Show


더쇼의 새로운 청일점MC는 바로 2013 슈퍼모델 박정욱 군 입니다! 앞으로 지연x혜리x정욱 세명의 MC가 만들어낼 케미폭발 더쇼 기대해주시구요! 첫 생방을 하고 있는 우리MC들에게 많은 응원 부탁드려요♡
Translation: The Show’s new ‘ladies man’ MC is 2013 supermodel, Park Jung Wook! Please continue to look forward to the JiyeonxHyerixJungwook three MCs who will make a chemi (chemistry) explosion! Please cheer alot for our MCs on the first live broadcast!!


Source: @sbsmtvtheshow
Translated by: Mony

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