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Danny's Road Trip Across Korea - Gyeongju, Daegu & AndongWhile South Korea is most well known for it’s addictive Korean drama series or it’s K-pop music, a lesser well-known secret is that South Korea has an ever-growing generation of cyclist! South Korea is actually one of the best countries in the world to explore by bicycle, and almost no one knows, not even cyclists! Whether you are looking for a short route nearby Seoul, or an end to end South Korea country-wide path, they have both of them, check this bike shop to find a rental bike or to buy one for you.

South Korea has built massive cycling infrastructure in the past few decades, including a network of cross-country bike paths. You read that right, bike-only paths spanning the length of the country, a coastline, or across a scenic or challenging segment. These bike routes are a mix of well-maintained paths through parks and along rivers, quiet country trails, and small roads. The vast majority of the paths, barring mountain passes and remote areas, are car-free. This is one of the many reasons why South Korea should be added to your list of potential cycling destinations!

Here is a guide on the 5 best cycling trails in South Korea coupled with things you should know about the country and top travelling tips.

Amazing cycling infrastructure with well-maintained paths
Diversity of easy, moderate and hard paths
Beautiful trail environments including lakes, mountains, rice paddies, rivers, forests and more
Easy to find eateries throughout the country that serve Korean food including rice bowls, dumplings, BBQ, etc.
Saunas and camping are easily accessible
Very friendly people
It might be difficult to find English speakers outside of Seoul
Cycling is seasonal as winter months (December to February) can get very harsh

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