[PROJECT #25] GDD Trip to Korea #3 – Girl’s Day’s 1st Concert + Comeback

The GDD Team will be visiting Korea this summer to attend Girl’s Day’s 1st solo concert ‘Summer Party’ and to support their ‘Darling’ promotions.

Girl's Day

GDD in Korea
Seany: July 13-14 + July 24 – August 6
Nevin: July 24 – August 5
Tammy: July 9 – October 7

DAI5Y is anticipating Girl’s Day’s 1st concert and there are many daisies from around the world who are traveling for the concert. We are looking forward to seeing our DAI5Y friends and meeting new friends during the trip. Whether you are traveling for the concert and comeback or are supporting from home, let’s show lots of love to Girl’s Day!

Girl’s Day is working hard, practicing night and day to prepare for their concert and comeback. They are ready and eager to show us their new song and concept. DAI5Y are you ready to show your support!? When Girl’s Day’s song and album releases let’s show our support by purchasing the album on official sites/stores and promoting them through sns.

We have a great opportunity to show our support to Girl’s Day during the summer, let’s do our best to show we are by their side cheering them on! For the concert we will be doing a rice wreath to commemorate Girl’s Day’s 1st concert. The team is currently working on a cheer banner for Girl’s Day and we will be printing it for the concert. Since the GDD team will be in Korea during their promotion we will be able to provide support, we hope to provide refreshing snacks for Girl’s Day and their staff. As always we want to show our love to Girl’s Day but we also want to show our appreciation for the staff who work hard to promote our girls. We are always thankful to Dream Tea and all that they do for Girl’s Day and DAI5Y. Keep in mind we also want to be ready to congratulate the success of their promotionsㅋㅋ

    Support Plan:

  • Congratulatory Rice Wreath for Girl’s Day’s ‘Summer Party’ 1st Solo Concert
  • Girl’s Day ‘Darling’ Promotion Support

A great way to participate in the project is to promote and share this post with others and if you would like to contribute to Girl’s Day’s summer project check out our donation page. Contact Tammy for further questions.

Thank you for your participation and DAI5Y let’s continue to show our support to Girl’s Day by cheering them on from around the world.


Thank you,
The GDD Team

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