[PIC/TRANS] 140820 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update

굿모닝~0~ 한국은비오네요ㅜ 그래도 오늘하루 으쌰하자구요 모두들!!!
Translation: Good morning~0~ It’s raining in Koreaㅜ But regardless, let’s get psyched today everyone!!!


Source: Minah’s Twitter
Translated By: Byakko

One thought on “[PIC/TRANS] 140820 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update

  1. 굿모닝~0~ = Good morning~0~
    한국은비오네요ㅜ = It’s raining in Koreaㅜ
    그래도 오늘하루 으쌰하자구요 모두들!!! = But regardless, let’s eussha today everyone!!!
    (“Eussha” is an onomataeopaeia about psyching up for an endeavor. The intended effect is similar with the effect of “hwaiting.”)

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