[PIC/TRANS] 140902 Girl’s Day Minah Twitter Update

누나타크 고마워요^3^ 저도 다음에 저렇게글씨쓰는거알려주세요!
Translation: Thank you Nunataq^3^ Please teach me how to write like this next time!


Source: Minah’s Twitter
Translated By: Byakko

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  1. Tweet:
    누나타크 고마워요^3^ = Thank you Nunataq^3^
    저도 다음에 저렇게글씨쓰는거알려주세요! = Please teach me how to write like this next time!

    Girl’s Day Every Day #4
    살포시 그대무릎에 = I want to softly lay in your lap
    기대 누워 잠들고 싶어 = And fall asleep
    Song by Minah
    (Minah’s part from “Darling”)

    Nunataq is a Girl’s Day fan and a calligrapher who gave each of these personalized framed writings to the four members as gifts. For Minah, she included a card addressed to “방만능” or “Bang (Minah’s family name) One-who-is-talented-at-everything.” Nunataq writes that Minah laughed happily at the name and initiated a conversation with her while complimenting and thanking her for the work. Minah asked if she had made the “얼굴도장” (seal or stamp with the commissioning user’s face) located at Duble Kick Entertainment’s office, greatly impressing Nunataq with her memory. Along with the frames, Nunataq made personalized folding fans with calligraphy for each member as well.

    Nunataq’s post: blog.naver.com/nunataq/220103294937

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