[TRANS/ARTICLE] 150107 StarN News: Girl’s Day Hyeri Receiving Praise for her Acting

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri to spend the busiest year of her career in 2015

The year of 2015 is going to become one of the busiest years for Girl’s Day’s Hyeri.

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, whose popularity has skyrocketed after appearing on channel MBC’s ‘Real Men – Female Soldier Special,’ and she garnered ‘Best New Entertainer’ award during ‘2014 MBC Entertainment Awards.’

Recently, Hyeri is playing in channel JTBC’s drama, ‘Sunam Girl’s High School Investigators,’ as a high school girl named Lee Ye Hee, and she is receiving a lot of compliments from many viewers.

‘Sunam Girl’s High School Investigators’ is a drama motivated from a novel of the same title, and the drama is about five high school girls investigating mysterious cases that happen around their school.

Lee Ye Hee is a girl who dreams to become a top actress, and she has a huge proud and confidence for her beauty. She is a member of her school’s theater group, but she lacks talent in acting. However, she never loses her loveliness and energy.

The drama’s smooth flow make Hyeri’s acting much better looking, but Hyeri is also surprising many people with her fabulous talent in acting.

During the 1st episode of ‘Sunam Girls’ High School Investigators,’ which aired on December 16th, Lee Ye Hee showed worries for Ahn Chae Yul (played by Jin Ji Hee), who fell over while walking, and many viewers showed explosive reactions for her lovely look. Many people uploaded the scene on their SNS, and many people who did not watch the episode showed hot reactions as well.

Four episodes were released so far, and Hyeri’s performance kept developing further every episode.

Hyeri is also playing in a new drama called ‘Hyde, Jekyll, and Me,’ which will premiere on January 21st, as a young college student named Min Woo Jung, who gets a major crush on Ro Bin (played by Hyun Bin) at the first glance.

Hyeri is going to show another major transformation in ‘Hyde, Jekyll, and Me,’ and many people are showing huge anticipation for her comeback.

Hyeri is now rising as one of the hottest entertainers, singers, and actresses, and Hyeri is going to spend one of the busiest years of her career in 2015.

A representative of Hyeri’s management agency said, “Hyeri is spending busy days, shooting ‘Sunam Girls’ High School Investigators’ and getting ready for ‘Hyde, Jekyll, and Me.’ Hyeri is doing her best to learn as much as possible, and she is getting a lot of special advices from many senior actors and actresses.”

The representative also added, “Hyeri is feeling very grateful for so much love and support that many people showed for her in 2014, and she is going to keep doing her best in the year of 2015 as well.”

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