[TRANS/ARTICLE] 150115 Girl’s Day Hyeri Shares that She Discusses Acting with Her Members

Girl’s Day Hyeri revealed that she talks about acting with the fellow Girl’s Day members.

Hyeri attended the press conference for SBS’s Jekyll, Hyde, Me on January 15 at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyeon-dong in Gangnam-gu and brought up the Girl’s Day members, who are promoting as actresses as well.

Hyeri said, “Everyone works on the set, so we talk to each other frequently as actresses. I think I learned from it, because we discuss acting as well as ourselves (as actresses). Maybe there are some things we can learn from each other. I’m not sure if there are, but I’ve been working hard to learn.”


She added, “Since they know me the best, they monitor my acting and tell me things like ‘You would look prettier if you did it like this,’ or ‘This is your habit’ and give me advice. We’ve been enjoying having these discussions with each other.”

Meanwhile, Hyde Jekyll, Me is a romantic comedy about one woman who falls in love with two completely different personalities of one man. It will begin on January 21 following Pinocchio.


Source: Newsen
Translated By: enewsworld

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