[NEWS] 150129 Girl’s Day Hyeri Appointed as New Model for Samyang ‘Q1 Fresh Hwan’


Girl’s Day Hyeri has been chosen as the new model for Samyang’s product, Q1 Fresh Hwan! Media outlets released stills from Hyeri’s new CF, building anticipation for its release later today, January 29th.


Q1 Fresh Hwan (T/N: “Hwan” is from 환약/Hwanyak, which is a form of medicine similar to a pill or pellet.) is a hangover supplement. The supplement is made from a yeast extract, plant mix concentrate (Hovenia Dulcis, Atractylodis Rhizoma, Hawberry, Kudzu-Pueraria Lobata) and various vitamins. Through clinical trials these ingredients are said to improve alcohol metabolism and relieve a hangover. Q.one is Samyang Corporation’s foodstuff brand that pursues quality and health.

Q.one Fresh Hwan Supplement


Source: sisaweek.com | nspna.com
Translated By: Shirina

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