[NEWS] 150130 Girl’s Day Hyeri Appointed as the New Model for ‘Albamon’


Girl’s Day Hyeri has been chosen as the new model for ‘Albamon’. The photoshoot shows that Hyeri has transformed into the ‘National Alba’ mascot! (T/N: 알바 is the shortened form of 아르바이트 which means part time job.) Hyeri’s positive and cheerful personality and drive to do her best represents a good image of youthful energy.

The filming took place at a studio in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do in mid-January. Hyeri modeled various outfits from a school uniform to an animal costume, creating much interest in the concept of the new CF. Hyeri was also praised by the staff for her professional attitude despite working in the cold weather. The new advertisement will release on February 1st.


Job Korea operates a part-time job portal called Albamon. The website provides employment solutions for job seekers and employers by working closely with corporations who offer employment opportunities in diverse industries. Job portal sites in general aim to assist those seeking work to find jobs despite many difficulties such as a long term economic downturn, unemployment, and expensive tuition fees.



Source: heraldcorp.com | osen.mt.co.kr

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