[TRANS/ARTICLE] 150309 Starcast: Girl’s Day Minah Filming KBS2 Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2

We shared only the images and part of the article referring to Minah.

[STARCAST] “Guard briquettes from harm”…. ‘G4’ the best ever dream team

The best of the idol girls have gathered.
‘Smiling with eyes’ Minah
S shaped body’ Sunmi
‘G.I’ Amber
‘Frivolous girl’ Young Ji…,
This for sure can consider as the best combination.

The girl’s ‘collaboration’ venue is?
It is a playground with sand on the ground
The place is poor, yet they are doing their best

What are they wearing?
They were wearing an apron and running shoes. It was great.

It is very unusual fashion.
What are they doing now?

Last March 7th, they were at Buram High school located in Junggye dong, Seoul. They are actively filming for KBS-2TV ‘Let’s Go Dream Team!’ This episode is featuring on ‘briquette volunteer work’. Sean, BTOB’s SUNG-JAE, ‘Health man’ Choi Sung Jo and so on. All strong men have gathered for this episode.

Was there only men? The answer is NO~ many female singers also participated in the filming. Are you asking how can they carry briquettes out with such a weak body? To tell you the ending, we could verify the mighty girl powers.

First, I am going to introduce the members.

Name: Minah
Date of birth: May 13th, 1993.
Specialty: smiling with eyes.
Characteristic: Have her bright eye smile on her face 24/7. Her lovely charm that melts the cold weather is additional. Despite her broken foot, she participated in all games passionately.

Minah is famous for her lovely and cute reaction. She attracts many men’s mind with her lovely face. Especially smiling with her lovely half-moon shaped eyes are her trademark.

This day was no different. She appeared to the filming site with her lovely eyes~ “I feel happier than usual” said Minah after seeing her crowded fans all around the playground.
“I am happy to participate for such a great volunteer work with many fans. I wish we get more opportunity play game and getting in on volunteer works together. (Minah)
Is that why? Minah’s level of eye smile is getting higher. Watch out everyone. Your heart might start to beat really fast.

“Woo woo woo~ lovely eye smile”

“Amber is also falling into it”

“I can clearly see it”

Her eye smile is not the end of it. Minah also showed her cute face and lively dancing movement as playing Icebreaker. Minah’s three set of charms is revealing right now.

“Charm #1. Cutie boo~”

“Charm#2. Dance for Joy~”

“Are you taking a picture of me?”

Girl's Day
“Charm #3. HI FIVE”

Minah hurt her ankle Last December. She scarcely recovered from her ankle this January. It was not easy for her to participate in every single game, yet she showed her passion to participate by actively playing all games.

“Jumping slightly~”


“I won the first place~”








There was the real reason that they put all their efforts in winning the game. The real reason for this is the winner of the games could only directly deliver the briquettes to elders living in the shanty town.

“It was challenging. It was really challenging. Yet I did my best because I wanted to deliver briquettes to elders directly and meet them” (Sunmi)
Are you asking what happened? Watch the program and check it out. The answer is to watch ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team’ on March 22nd.

It will be too sad if I just end here. The most special thing about girl group is their beautiful face. The time of the day does not matter. They are still beautiful in the early morning.

“Still beautiful with backlight”

News= Park In Young(Dispatch)
Picture=Lee Seung Hoon(Dispatch)


Source: news.naver.com
Translated By: star.naver.com

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